USAHello is a website created for refugees and immigrants in the USA.

What is USAHello?

It is a one-stop, comprehensive website that houses the resources and information newcomers need to build successful lives for themselves and their families here in the USA.

Content has been curated by resettled refugees and immigrants and is written for ESL viewers and those with limited formal educations. Programs are further enhanced by both automated and manual translations and the latest in multi-modal learning techniques. We use the proliferation of mobile technology and the power of the internet to provide support where and when it is needed.

USAHello is unique.

USAHello is the only comprehensive online resource for refugees and immigrants in the United States. We are used by newcomers in every state and have partnerships with resettlement agencies and other non-profits across the country. Our work complements on-the-ground sources of support that already exist by making them more comprehensible and accessible to those who need them.

The Refugee Center Online is now USAHello. We changed our name to make sure newcomers from all backgrounds feel welcome on our website and in our classroom.

USAHello is guided by the population it serves.

USAHello is intimately interconnected with the community it is trying to help. More than half of our board members are refugees and immigrants who have successfully resettled in the United States. Our programs were developed and are continually improved through an iterative process of input from newcomer communities, including USAHello’s Refugee Technology and Advisory Council. Every action taken is premised upon the belief that newcomers are their own best advocates.

USAHello is economically efficient.

The programs of USAHello are enormously cost effective. We use the power and reach of the internet, combined with the proliferation of handheld technology, to create programs that are infinitely scalable. Our goal is to help millions of refugees and immigrants in the United States and thereby strengthen our communities, our economy, and our democracy.

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