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Personal behavior means many things. It includes topics that are hard to talk about. It means your private life, your habits, and your personal relationships. How do people behave in their personal lives in the USA? Learn about staying clean, personal relationships, and addiction.

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Staying clean

Staying clean is very important to Americans. Most Americans take a shower or bath every day. They use soap to wash their bodies and shampoo to wash their hair. Some use conditioner to make their look shiny. Many people shower right after they exercise. Americans do not like the smell of sweat and so they put deodorant on their underarms to stop sweat and smells.

Americans wash their clothes often as well. Most people do not wear the same clothing two days in a row.

Clean homes are important to Americans, but most people do not clean every day. When guests are coming, they make sure that their houses are clean and neat. Americans use dishwashers and vacuum cleaners to help them with cleaning. Most Americans do not take off their shoes when they come into a house. Some do, and they may put on slippers. If you are not sure what to do in someone’s house, it is okay to ask.

Personal relationships and dating

Dating is spending time with someone in a romantic way. People who are dating do things together, such as going to dinner or going to the movies. If you would like to take someone on a date, you should invite them. If they say yes, the two of you can decide where to go and what to do.

There are many ways to find someone to date. Jy kan deur vriende bekendgestel word of iemand by die werk ontmoet. As jy op datum iemand by die werk, Jy sal dalk jou werkgewer moet vertel. Dating Apps op slimfone is besig om meer gewild met jong mense. Jy kan 'n program aflaai en ander mense ontmoet wat belangstel om iemand tot op datum te vind.

Amerikaners kies wat hulle datum. Hul ouers mag hulle raad gee, maar hulle besluit nie wie hulle sal datum of trou.

Amerikaners nie almal trou wanneer hulle jonk. Mans en vroue kan baie mense op te dateer voordat hulle iemand vind om te trou. Dit is ook algemeen in die VSA vir ouer mense tot op datum na 'n egskeiding of die dood van 'n vennoot.

Familie verhoudings

Beide mans en vroue doen huiswerk en sorg vir kinders in die Verenigde State van Amerika. About half of the people with jobs in the USA are women. Women are often paid less than men in the USA.

Every family is a little bit different. Older people and grandparents are much less likely to live with their families in the USA than in other countries. Families also have fewer children. Some people in the USA choose not to have children at all. People who live in rural areas may have more children than people in cities. They often have less modern lifestyles, ook. But even in traditional households, most women work.

Smoking and chewing tobacco

Smoking is not allowed in any public places, including bars and restaurants. You must be 20 feet away from a public building to smoke. Most Americans do not like it if a car or home smells like smoke.

Americans know that smoking is dangerous. So electronic cigarettes that burn liquid nicotine are popular. But they are also addictive and bad for your health.

Chewing tobacco is popular in some parts of the USA and unusual in other parts. It can cause cancers of the tongue, gums, and throat. You have to be 18 to purchase all tobacco products.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is very common in the USA, especially in social situations. Americans drink wine, beer, and liquor (drinks such as whisky and vodka). If you do not want to drink alcohol, it is fine to say no or ask for water. Most people will not be upset or pressure you. As hulle dit doen, say no politely again.

Driving when you are drinking or using drugs is dangerous and illegal. If you get caught, you will go to jail. You will also spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and paying fines. Jy sal kry om jou lisensie weggeneem. Jy kan selfs probleme met Job aansoeke.


In die VSA, die term dwelms beteken medisyne sowel as onwettige dwelms. Oor-die-toonbank medisyne is wetlike medisyne wat jy kan koop sonder 'n voorskrif. Voorskrif dwelms is medisyne wat jy nie kan koop sonder 'n mediese voorskrif. Jy moet nie voorskrif dwelms deel met iemand. Neem voorskrif medisyne wat nie voorgeskryf deur jou dokter is ook onwettig. Die gebruik van dwelms seer jou liggaam en kan jy in die moeilikheid met die polisie.

Dagga (ook pot of onkruid genoem) is 'n tipe van dwelm wat wettig in sommige lande. Dit is 'n plant wat mense rook of eet. Sommige mense gebruik dit om te help met gesondheid probleme. Ander mense gebruik dit die manier waarop mense alkohol drink: want hulle hou van die effek wat dit het. Elke staat het verskillende reëls oor dagga. In sommige lande, Jy kan tronk toe gaan om dit te gebruik. In ander, Dit is wettig te gebruik dagga.

Alkohol en dwelm verslawing

Alkohol en dwelm verslawing is 'n baie ernstige probleem in die VSA. Verslawing beteken jy kan nie ophou rook nie, Drink, en die gebruik van dwelms, selfs as jy wil of as hulle maak jy siek. Jy kan besef dat verslawing is seer mense wat jy liefhet of veroorsaak dat jy probleme by die werk te hê. Stop kan baie moeilik wees, maar jy kan hulp kry. Gratis advies per telefoon te kry, Bel die Nasionale stof misbruik en geestelike gesondheid Hulplyn. Jy kan Soek ook FindHello vir hulp naby jou. Voer jou ligging of adres in. Kies dan “gesondheidsorg en geestelike gesondheid” om te kyk vir gratis en lae-koste geestelike gesondheid en verslawing hulpbronne.

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