Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

People from other countries often ask why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a popular and celebrated holidays in the USA. It is a day of giving thanks for everything people have. But where did the Thanksgiving celebration come from?

There is a long history behind why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a holiday that has its origins in a harvest celebration in 1621, when settlers from Europe had a meal together at the end of the harvest season with the Americans who lived there before them – the people now called Native Americans.

Today, some people feel that Thanksgiving is a good holiday to celebrate and appreciate good fortune, and to prepare for the winter ahead. These are other reasons why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday celebration was not always held on the same day of the year as it is today. It was President Abraham Lincoln who declared that the annual national day of Thanksgiving would always be on the Thursday of the third week of November. The country was very divided because of the civil war at the time and the holiday provided an opportunity to focus on coming together as one.

Many people from different backgrounds celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in the USA. Many people say Thanksgiving is a holiday during which we can be thankful for what we have, no matter what our religious or cultural background is.

Do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

Absolutely! Although the holiday might be celebrated on a different date, there are a number of countries that celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. However, some countries have their own way of celebrating the holiday. Thanksgiving is not just about eating turkey with family and friends. Countries such as Germany, Korea, and Japan celebrate Thanksgiving in their own culture.

Should you celebrate the holiday?

It’s never too late to try something new. Anyone can join in the holiday of Thanksgiving and you can choose to celebrate it in your own way. A person can adopt the idea of being thankful for what they have, show care and love for others.

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