Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

“Why do we have Thanksgiving?” Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays in America.

However, there exists a long history behind the tradition of Thanksgiving in America. Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks to God for everything humans have as one people. It is a holiday that was found in the old days after the harvest when the pilgrims had a meal together with the early natives of America who are mostly known as the native Americans.

Thanksgiving holiday celebration was not always held during the same day of the year like today. However, it is known that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the annual national day of Thanksgiving to be on the Thursday of the third week of November.

Many people from different countries also celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. The majority of people say Thanksgiving is a holiday where one can be thankful for what he or she has despite one’s religious background.

Why do we have Thanksgiving?

In the United States, Thanksgiving takes place every year to maintain the tradition that began by early Americans and the native Americans after the harvest crops in 1623. However, some people claim Thanksgiving to be a good holiday because it is such a nice way to end the year and prepare for the next year to come.

Do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

Absolutely! Though the holiday might be celebrated on a different date, there are a number of countries that celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. However, some countries have their own way of celebrating the holiday. Thanksgiving is not just about eating turkey with family and friends. In addition, there are many different reasons as to why other countries might celebrate Thanksgiving. Countries like Germany, Korea, and Japan celebrate Thanksgiving using their own culture. Therefore, turkey might not be the main food on the family table.

Should you celebrate Thanksgiving next year?

It’s never too late to try something new. Since the holiday of Thanksgiving is already established in America, an individual can try to do different activities with family and friends in order to show care and love for others. A person can adopt the idea of being thankful for what they have and make this aim the most reason of why they celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. Is it important to give thanks and why should you?

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