24 February 2022

Study for the GED ®, HiSET or TASC test with USAHello

At USAHello, we are proud to offer a free online GED preparation course to the thousands of students who are enrolled in our classroom. The USAHello classroom has published its updated Spanish-language class for students who want to study for the GED ®, HiSET, or TASC test in Spanish. Study for the GED ®, HiSET, ... اقرأ المزيد

27 August 2021

The GED® can help you achieve your career goals

Why is a GED® important? In the United States, receiving your high school diploma means that you have met the basic qualifications after 12 years of formal instruction, from 1st to 12th grade.  Passing the GED® or HiSET® test will provide you with a certificate that recognizes you have the same level of education and ... اقرأ المزيد

23 March 2021

الوقوف مع مجتمعنا الأمريكي الآسيوي

لقد شهدنا في الأسبوع الماضي خسارة فادحة عندما قُتل ثمانية أشخاص ، من بينهم ست نساء أمريكيات آسيويات استهدفهن هذا الهجوم. لسوء الحظ ، هذه المأساة هي جزء من تاريخ طويل من العنف الذي يستهدف مجتمع الأمريكيين الآسيويين وجزر المحيط الهادئ (AAPI) هنا في الولايات المتحدة. منذ اندلاع جائحة COVID ، شهدنا ارتفاعاً في جرائم ... اقرأ المزيد

14 January 2021

New GED course in Spanish

USAHello is proud to offer its GED course now completely in Spanish including instructional videos! Last year over 29,000 students enrolled in our free, online GED courses. This year, students of any age can prepare for the GED with lessons, videos, diagrams, and quizzes all in Spanish! It is 100% free of charge (and free ... اقرأ المزيد