Какво да направите, ако сте спрени или арестувани от полицията

It is important to know your rights if you are stopped by a police or immigration officer or if you are arrested by police. If you are questioned by law enforcement, be polite and respectful. Никога не лъжа, спори, устои, or run away.

police car in USA
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В САЩ, the police are generally good and want to help you. But you should know your rights. You have rights even if you are not a US citizen. You should know that law enforcement officers may briefly hold and question you if they suspect you were involved in a crime. They might do this even if there are not enough reasons to arrest you.

Your rights if you are stopped in a car or arrested by police while in a car

  • You have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions.
  • When receiving a citation (a ticket for speeding, за пример) you must provide your driver’s license, застраховка, and vehicle registration if requested.
  • Служителят може да поиска да Излез от колата. You should do what they ask.
  • Police are not allowed to check the car unless there is “probable cause.”
  • You do not have the right to leave if the officer tells you to stay.
  • A pat down is typically a surface search done over your clothes. It can happen if the officer has a reason to believe there is something suspicious happening, but he or she cannot go through your pockets. In a search, they have a more thorough method where they might search under your clothes. You are legally allowed to refuse both of them.

Your rights if you are arrested by police or taken to a police station

  • If you are arrested by police, you have the right to remain silent and talk to a lawyer.
  • Ви е позволено да направи 3 телефонни обаждания в рамките на 3 часове на първи арестуван.
  • Можете да кажете на полицията основна информация за себе си, но не повече, докато вашият адвокат пристига.
  • Не се обсъжда състоянието си имигрант с никого, но вашият адвокат.

Your rights if a police officer wants to search your home or car

  • Закона не е позволено да търсите вашия дом без вашето съгласие или обиск. A warrant is a legal document that gives them permission to search. Ако сте далеч от дома, the police can search your home if some else consents to it.
  • Не трябва да въведете вашия дом, освен ако те имат заповед офицер.
  • Заповедта следва да бъде подписано от съдия.
  • If an officer insists on entering without a warrant, do not resist. You can say that you do not allow it, след това веднага повикате адвокат.

The Supreme Court only allows a law enforcement officer to enter a house without knocking if they have “a reasonable suspicion”. This means that they think something illegal might be happening. They also think that showing they are there might be dangerous or might allow the suspect to destroy any evidence.

For more information to help you understand your rights, Можеш read our “Знай правата си” information. It was prepared in partnership with Church World Services, which offers low-cost legal services to immigrants.

Questions and answers about being detained or arrested by police

Here are some answers to questions you may have about being stopped or arrested.

Трябва ли да отговори на въпроси, задавани от закона?

You have a constitutional right to remain silent so you do not need to answer questions. You do not have to talk to any officers or anyone else. It is a good idea to talk to a lawyer before answering any questions. Tell the police officer you choose not to answer. But always be respectful and polite as much as possible.

How should I behave if I am stopped in my car?

Try to move slowly and make sure you always keep your hands visible to the officer. Физически не устоят Пат надолу или от търсене. Instead say, “I do not consent to a search.” Ask the officer if you are free to leave, and if the officer says yes, then leave calmly. Въпреки това, if the officer says no, you must stay. Never run away, and keep your hands visible all the time.

Ами ако съм третиран зле от служителите на правоприлагащите органи?

You have the right to ask the officer for his information such as his name and badge number. Опитайте се да намерите свидетели и ако са ранени правите снимки възможно най-скоро. Покана адвокат или вашия местен човешките права защита офис.

Do I have to show my immigration documents if I am arrested by police?

Non-граждани, които са 18 years or older should carry their documents with them at all times. If you are undocumented and cannot show US immigration documents, you can choose not to answer questions about your status. These questions might include “Are you a citizen?” or, “Where are you from?” Do not lie about your status, but say instead that you choose not to answer.

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