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Welcome shirts

  Buy a shirt to tell refugees and immigrants they are Welcome We want to share the message Welcome #ThisIsYourHomeToo with all refugees and immigrants. You can too, by purchasing a shirt from our Welcoming Campaign. Shirts and tanks cost $24. Kids shirts are also available for $15. World Refugee Day is June 20th Send ... Read more


Many households have leftover turkey (or other poultry) after Thanksgiving. This recipe repurposes the leftovers into a turkey Cobb salad. Adding fall vegetables and a vinegarette dressing to leftover turkey makes for a healthy and filling meal. Ingredients for turkey Cobb salad 3 slices center-cut bacon, cooked and crumbled 6 oz cooked the turkey breast ... Read more

Recipes for a Global Thanksgiving 2019

Recipes for a global Thanksgiving, shared by our community members Each year, USAHello asks our community members to share some of their favorite recipes for a global Thanksgiving. Consider adding one of these dishes to your holiday table or just trying one out any night of the week! Appetizer Indian alooo tikki shared by Satvika ... Read more
Refugees shaking hands

Welcome Refugees to Your Community

As a community member you can help welcome refugees to your community.

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Chinese dumplings recipe

Chinese dumplings are thought to have originated over 1,800 years ago during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Traditionally, Chinese dumplings are eaten throughout the Chinese New Year celebration. This recipe makes 30 – 35 dumplings. The preparation time is about 2 hours, and assembling and cooking is 1 hour. It is recommended to prepare the dough and filling ... Read more

Gambian Benachin recipe

The Gambian word benachin means “one pot,” which refers to the way of cooking food in a single pot over a roaring fire. The word benachin comes from Wolof language, spoken by the third largest ethnic group in the Gambia. Here is the recipe for Gambian Benachin. Ingredients for Gambian Benachin 1lb long grain rice ... Read more