USAHello COABE Presentation Resources

Thank you for joining USAHello at COABE 2023. We hope you found our presentations informative!
Below find helpful resources and key takeaways.

Presentation 1: Role of multilingual online resources

Help us recruit testers

Do you have students who would be interested in helping us test our re-designed GED class? Those selected to participate and provide feedback will receive a $20 gift card. (Note this is an opportunity for non-native English speakers)


USAHello’s GED class – free, online, self-paced, and available in English & Spanish.

USAHello’s Citizenship class – free, online, self-paced, and available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Swahili, and Vietnamese.

Presentation 2: Supporting aspiring citizens

ECHO For Citizenship Educators

Interested in participating in ECHO For Citizenship Educators?

Join a new collaborative learning network launching this year! Participate in free online sessions each month featuring:

  • Presentations by subject matter experts
  • Best practices for teaching adults
  • Interactive discussion on how to overcome challenges

Find Support and feel equipped to help your students naturalize!

Citizenship resources

USAHello’s Citizenship Guide – translated step-by-step guide to the citizenship process.

USAHello’s Translated Citizenship Questions – find the complete list of civics questions in 17 languages.

USAHello’s Citizenship Class – a free online course that is self-paced to prepare students for the civics test.

USCIS resources for educational programs – a variety of resources for citizenship educators. Interested in helping with trial testing of the naturalization interview? [email protected]

USCIS video series on naturalization – very informative and offers a visual of what to expect.

Citizenshipworks – free legal help with Form N-400.

New Americans Campaign – offer a helpful tool to learn if eligible for a fee waiver.

USALearns – a free online course to prepare for the naturalization interview.

Civics Fundamentals – a newly launched free online course to prepare for the civics test comprised of videos.

Cities & Counties For Citizenship (CC4C) – get involved with your communities efforts.

National Partnership for New Americans – advocacy for aspiring citizens.


View the slide deck from our presentation. Takeaways from our learning circle are to be uploaded after Wednesday’s presentation.


Pew Research
USCIS naturalization statistics
Urban Institute

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