For parents and children

This is a very difficult time for parents. Schools have been closed because of COVID-19, but they are making plans to open again. We will keep this page updated with news for parents about school. On this page, you will also find ways to get help and support for you and your children.

For parents

School re-openings

Many schools in the USA are deciding to re-open in the fall. But the decision and process are not the same in every district. In many places, children will go to school for less time. In other places, they will go back to a regular schedule, but there will be new rules about distancing, hand-washing, and wearing masks. Some schools may continue with distance learning only.

Not all schools have announced their plans yet. The decision about when to open schools will be made by public health officials. This page has updated information about when schools will open in every state.

It is important to remember that plans may change again once school starts. Keep checking for new information with your local health department or school.

Advice for parents with children at home

The CDC has this advice for parents:

  • Remain calm and reassuring.
  • Make yourself available to listen and to talk.
  • Avoid language that might blame others and lead to stigma.
  • Pay attention to what children see or hear on television, radio or online.
  • Give children information that is honest and accurate.
  • Teach children how to stay healthy.
  • Help children stay active – take them for walks and bicycle rides, and encourage indoor exercise!

For children

Here are some things you can show your children on your computer or mobile device.

This information comes from trusted sources, such as UNICEF, Save the Children, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. USAHello does not give legal advice or medical advice, nor are any of our materials intended to be taken as legal or medical advice. 

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