Transgender Diskriminierung im Wohnungsbau und bei der Arbeit

In den USA, there are laws about transgender discrimination in housing and at work. Trans people cannot be fired, refused employment, or turned away from housing because they are trans. Learn about transgender safety and rights at work and in housing. Find out where to get legal advice and help.

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Specific transgender rights are different in each state. But there are some laws about transgender discrimination that are the same all over the USA.

Transgender discrimination at work

You cannot be harassed at work by your staff or other workers. Zum Beispiel:

  • People cannot make jokes or mean comments about trans people.
  • People cannot use the wrong name or pronouns on purpose.
  • People cannot ask rude questions about your body or gender.

You cannot be questioned or fired at work. Zum Beispiel:

  • Your boss cannot question your gender.
  • Your boss cannot fire you because of you are transgender.
  • Your boss cannot refuse to promote you because you are transgender.

You cannot be turned away from the bathroom. Zum Beispiel:

  • Your workplace has to let you use the bathroom you choose.
  • Your workplace may not ask for documents proving your gender to let you use the bathroom.

Lesen Sie mehr über trans rights at work. If someone is discriminating against you, make sure to write it down and tell someone what is going on. Erfahren Sie mehr über what you can do if this happens.

Transgender discrimination in housing

Aktuell, 20 Und der District of Columbia Unterstützung von Gesetzen, die Transgender-Diskriminierung stoppen. Wenn Sie in diesen Staaten Immobilien mieten oder kaufen:

  • Menschen können nicht nach Ihrem Geschlecht oder Ihrer sexuellen Orientierung fragen.
  • People cannot turn you away because you are transgender.
  • People cannot force you to leave because you are transgender. Wenn Sie einen Mietvertrag oder Vertrag haben, it is legal for you to sta.

If you need to stay at a homeless shelter:

  • People might ask your gender because men and women can be in separate rooms. You have the right to tell them whichever gender you identify as.
  • People cannot ask for medical proof of your gender.

Trans people have been forced out of their homes and turned away from homeless shelters. One of every five transgender people is homeless sometime in their life. Ihre nächstgelegenes LGBT-Gemeinschaftszentrum may help you find a shelter that is not listed online. The Ali Forney Center has transitional and emergency housing for LGBT youth in several states.

Legal help

Many legal organizations take on cases for people who have experienced transgender discrimination. There are some legal organizations specifically to support the LGBT community.

  • Lambda Legal ist die größte nationale LGBT-Rechtshilfeorganisation. Die Lambda Legal helpdesk können Sie Ihren Fall überprüfen und Sie mit lokalen Vertretern verbinden.
  • The ACLU is a legal organization that represents clients for free. It has programs for LGBT rights and represents LGBT people who have been harassed. Sie können find a local ACLU affiliate in every state.
  • The National Center for Transgender Equality works to protect all trans rights. It supports more than 80 organizations that represent trans clients. Sie können find trans legal services in your state.

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