USAHello has received a $50,000 challenge grant to honor the work and vision of USAHello founder Jessica Marks by expanding our reach beyond the United States.

USA and Italian flag drawing

El World Migration Report 2018 establece claramente lo que todos sabemos: desplazamiento global está en niveles récord y el crecimiento. Millones de personas siguen a migrar más allá de las fronteras nacionales, and they need access to resources

En respuesta, we are already launching USAHello platform in Italy. We have received continued requests to extend urgently needed services to other countries.

The Vision Fund’s challenge grant and matching funds will go directly to broadening our founder‘s original vision. Con su ayuda, we can offer support and resources to the world’s displaced people through the power of technology. Por 2025, we aim to reach 10 million people with education, information and the tools they need to build successful lives in their new communities.

Our challenge is to match the grant by April 1, 2019. Any amount you give, grande o pequeño, will make a difference and will be matched by the challenge grant up to a total of $50,000.

Will you donate today to help refugees
and immigrants around the world?