My dream is to be a teacher

My dream to be a teacher originated for several reasons.

First, teachers were very appreciated both socially and within my family. Therefore, for that reason, I was always thinking of becoming a well-known and respected teacher in my small town in Kurdistan. For me, the first step to achieving my dream to be a teacher was to finish my study and work towards getting into a program of education.

Achieving that dream was very possible, especially if you were able to finish your bachelor degree in one of the social sciences like education, law, political science, sociology and etc.

Unfortunately, my dream was never achieved by me in Iraqi Kurdistan for several reasons. First, the traditional family and tribal values in Iraqi society will not easily let or encourage women to work towards higher education or colleges.

A woman traveling to a different city to study away from her family was a little bit strange in rural areas of Kurdistan.

The second reason was that, after graduating from a community college, my grades were a little bit too low to allow me to enter an educational college.

But after we got asylum in the United States of America in 2015, I can say that my dream started to be more likely. After several years of study, I was able to finish the English courses very successfully and the language barrier for me was over. After finding some financial resources from federal aid and other scholarships, now I am enrolled in a program for academic transfer both in undergraduate and graduate program.

Therefore, my dream to be a teacher now is very much possible. Despite several financial challenges and difficulties as a refugee, now I, along with my husband, are working towards achieving my dream of finishing the college and achieving a graduate degree in education.

This is the dream that I am still working towards since I was 7 years old. Regarding the second dream having a nice family, I can say that my dream has already been achieved, and now I am living with my husband and three beautiful kids, a son and twin girls. Life is challenging but nothing is impossible.

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