Why I celebrate Mother’s Day

My mother is a special woman who I look up to.

To my mother Karitas, aka Mama Aline! If there is a woman in this universe that could do what you have done for your seven children, she would be second to you. Here is why I honor her and celebrate Mother’s Day.

My mother is my favorite person in the world. My mother inspires me in so many ways. I am so thankful to have a mother. I know many individuals without one and I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be for them.

Why do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

We all have different reason, but collectively, we celebrate Mother’s Day to honor all mothers around the world.

A mother is more than a name. A mother is an important figure in one’s life. To many, a mother is a sign of hope.

A mother should be celebrated wherever she goes. A mother should be respected by all. A mother should be recognized at all levels of every human progress.

A mother should never have to suffer. A mother should never have to question whether she is valuable or whether she is loved. Because a mother is the root of a family tree.

At age sixteen, my mother made a decision to leave home in search of her treasure. Her mother did not support that decision because if young women were not in school. They were not allowed to leave home and were expected to do house chores and get married when it was time.

My mother wanted to try a different route. A route that was difficult for her village fathom. She ran away from home to enroll in a church school program where she learned how to sew clothes. People in her environment did not think she would ever make it. They thought a sixteen-year-old girl deciding to go away from home would turn out to be nothing else but a street girl of some kind.

My mother proved the whole village wrong. She went to school and got her certificate and came back to her hometown to change the community that was never on her side. Her mother who insulted her as she ran away and said to her all the words you wish not to use for your own daughter.

My grandmother who I never saw in my life cried when my mom returned to her village a few months later. My mother returned home in a style that grandma has never witnessed before.

Mother’s Day should be honored.

My mother’s story is what drives me to this day. She went after what she wanted in life and did not sit down until she got it. When I look at my mother and how hard she works to provide a better future for her children, I am reminded that when she gave me life, I believe she meant it.

Today, I celebrate Mother’s Day because I am fully aware of the effort my mother had to put in to provide a better future for me and my siblings. My mother is my hero!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world.

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