Refugee youth should support their elders

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Refugee youth have big responsibilities when they are in refugee camps.

So when they come to the USA, refugee youth should be able to support their elders.

I believe I had more responsibilities while I was in the refugee camp than I have now. I say so because in the refugee camp with the limited resources I was the only breadwinner for a family of seven.

But now we are in the United States with diverse opportunities within our reach, and I feel less burdened. As a refugee youth, I should support any movement or step that brings about peace and tranquility in whichever country it might be because it is the main entrance to any successful life. Advocating for peace and a better understanding of each other is the major responsibility of all youth in the community.

Some refugees might be stressed and feel hopeless after some time in the refugee camps or in new life. But the youth have the responsibilities to be the ambassadors of their community and buckle up to advocate for the seniors and children who are vulnerable.

Refugees elders are the most vulnerable.

Adjusting to new life is always challenging for everyone. Refugee youth should be supportive to newcomers who join them while they themselves have settled well in America or anywhere else. This should be done by helping figure out the available resources in multiple areas and how they can access them. I believe that information is power and anyone can at least try to make ends meet if there is information.

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Youth can support their elders by showing them that there is hope after every step.

They can as well support them mentally by giving them family support while they are sick by accompanying them while they are lonely. They can give them a walk for exercise if they can walk. They should also take them to community discussions to be able to engage in dialogues and contribute to meeting as they are always full of wise words and encouragement. We the refugee youth should also appreciate elders for being part of whatever we have achieved in life. It is because of their wise words that we end up in schools and have a better future. During difficulties, we should consult them for ideas.

Though some elders might feel too old to study, I would say no one is too old to learn. Therefore, refugee youth have the responsibility to encourage their elders to learn. Obtaining some knowledge will help them access available resources to avoid being dependent on someone else and become self-dependent.

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