Dear USAHello community,

This has been a difficult start to a new year for so many. Several of our own staff and immediate family members have been sick with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. We know that many of you are experiencing the same. We are grateful to have you, and the 1.8 million people who used our resources this past year, as a part of our community.


We are in this together.


So many people have been affected by this pandemic in different ways. We understand these are challenging times. We wish you all good health and better days in this new year. With that hope, we want to highlight some offerings to help our community build brighter futures in this new year.

In solidarity,

The USAHello Team

Are you considering becoming a U.S.citizen? 2022 is the year!

We also partnered with Proyecto Inmigrante and the Border Network for Human Rights to assist over 75,000 eligible permanent residents in the El Paso, Texas region. USAHello’s free online citizenship class will help applicants prepare for the citizenship interview.

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Find new information on our website about the citizenship fees.

Do you want to get your GED? 2022 is the year!

Looking for a new job in 2022?

USAHello offers a lot of information on how to find a job. Learn where to search for jobs and how to choose a career. Get help with writing a resume and cover letter. Find tips on job interviews and more.

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Tips from our staff getting through COVID-19.

“The best thing you can do is make sure the sick person is isolated by staying away from other people. That has helped to keep the rest of our family from being infected.” – Adriana

“Keeping a positive attitude and trusting in the protection we received from the vaccines have helped us deal with Covid-19 in our household. For us, it has been essential to follow the advice of medical experts and trusted sources.” – Marcela

“As a caregiver for an infected loved one, this was helpful advice for caregivers from CDC. Every single day we make a choice, and since the pandemic hit the world, my family and I think twice if our choices will affect others as well. We have been missing many gatherings and kids play time to be safe. We will get through this together if we keep thinking about each other’s safety.” – Marwah

For more helpful information, go to the CDC website.

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