Quatre outils utiles pour mieux gérer votre recherche d'emploi

4 outils utiles pour mieux gérer votre recherche d’emploi

Savoir quels sites Web à regarder peut vous aider à réseauter et à trouver un emploi. Learn four useful tools to manage your job search

Job hunting is not what it used to be. Instead of having to go to each company or organization’s website, we now have access to thousands of job postings on job websites. Private sector. Public sector. Non-profit jobs. You can find whatever you want on these platforms. Cependant, you might find that some of them work better for you than the others.

There are also many others not listed here. You should never use just one website or app to find your next job. You will find that the entire job search process is easier and more job openings are available when you widen your search.

1. LinkedIn – the social media platform where professionals connect

Members make connections based on their professional interests. Par exemple, most of my LinkedIn connections are people who work in international affairs, international development, or humanitarian affairs. Because of the connections I have, the information that mostly comes across my focused on the areas I mentioned above.

Récemment, Bien que, I discovered the jobs tab of my LinkedIn profile. It comes with a handy search bar. You can enter the title of your current or dream job and get hundreds of open positions to apply for. I have found it very useful in my own search. If you know what organization or company you want to work for, you can search by its name.

The company page has a link to its available jobs. Some jobs even have what LinkedIn has marked “Easy Apply.” This means that once you have decided that the job description matched what you want, you can simply press on that bottom to apply.

Make sure your profile is complete before you submit any applications as LinkedIn will give your company of interest the information you already have. I also recommend that you carefully read the instructions in the job posting to make sure you submit all the information the company has requested.

2. Globaljobs.orgsign up for job alerts

I signed up for job alerts on this website fresh out of Graduate schoolAlthough many years have passed, I still receive job alerts whenever an opening matching my preferences becomes available. As the name of the site indicates, the job postings on this platform are usefully international. Some of them are even assignments for work in other countries.

This website only gives you the description of the job and a link to apply on the hiring organization’s website.

3. Zip RecruiterLots of private-sector jobs

I find that the majority of the jobs available on here are in the private sector. I still have mostly job postings from private companies even when I select “nonprofit” as my industry. What I like about it is that once you have saved your resume and completed your profile, you can easily apply for the jobs that match your work experiences and skills.

You can replace your resume with a new version if you want to switch up your search. You should definitely use this one if you want private sector jobs. Encore une fois, make sure you read the instructions in the job description.

Like LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter allows you to apply for some jobs on your phone by submitting your profile and resume. Pour d'autres emplois, you have to use a laptop and apply directly on the company’s website. The most important information, including your references, will already be included when you submit.

4. USAjobs.govFor job seekers who have already become United States citizens.

It is the website where you can find jobs in most departments of government. Similar to the platforms above, this one requires that you create a profile. It can be very useful for your job search. It includes all of your work experiences and your personal information. When you come across a job that interests you, you simply have to follow instructions for applying.

This one requires a lot of patience because the job descriptions and the particular instructions for each posting are lengthy. When you are ready to apply, there is a link to do so. It usually takes you to the department seeking to fill the job opening.

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