Make your voice heard with a public comment

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You can use your voice to make a public comment about new laws. Exercise your right to be heard.

When a federal agency proposes a new regulation, it must ask for comments from the public. Anyone can make comments in support of or against a new regulation or rule before it becomes a law. You do not have to be a US citizen.

It is easy to make a public comment:

  • From the Federal Register page. The Federal Register is where the proposed laws are published for us to read. There is a field at the top that says « Submit a formal comment. » You can type your comment directly in there.
  • On, the government website. You can search for rules on the home page using the docket ID or the regulation identifier number (RIN). Go to the proposed rule and select « Comment now. »
  • By mail. If you cannot submit your comment online, look for the « For Further Information Contact » information on the page There will be a name with a mailing address or a phone number to call.

Make an effective comment

Read the US government’s tips for submitting effective comments.

What to say

Say what you believe and give a good reason for why you believe it.

  • State your belief
    You may think, for example, that a new rule goes against the human rights and justice that all Americans believe in.
  • Give your reason
    Try to use your own words, but it is okay to use suggested words from advocacy organizations if they express what you believe.
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