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Conseils pour répondre aux questions de citoyenneté

Are you eligible to apply for US citizenship? Thousands of new Americans are eligible, but they worry about answering the citizenship questions. The US government plans to raise the application fee by more than $500 this year. If you or someone you know wants to become a citizen, applying soon will save hundreds of dollars. ... Lire la suite

Les attitudes à l'égard des immigrants sont plus positives que vous ne le pensez

Although it may seem that recent shifts in US policy reflect a negative change in American attitudes toward immigrants, the opposite is actually true. Gallop, a respected national polling organization, has been asking questions about immigration since the 1960s. In nearly every category of questions about immigration, their results show that American attitudes toward immigrants ... Lire la suite

2019 - un an d'immigration et d'asile aux États-Unis

Cette semaine, the New York Times published its “Year in Pictures” for 2019. Je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de remarquer combien de photos montraient des migrants, immigrés, et les réfugiés. The powerful images made me think of the many changes and new rules in US immigration there have been this year for migrants, immigrés, demandeurs d'asile et réfugiés ... Lire la suite

Aider les réfugiés et les immigrants aux États-Unis

En faisant un don à USAHello, vous soutenez la technologie et l'éducation qui aident les nouveaux arrivants à réussir aux États-Unis.

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Ce dont vous avez besoin pour être au chaud

Neil Gaiman is a celebrated writer and a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR. He wrote a poem using ideas and images from tweets he received from his followers on Twitter. Neil Gaiman had asked his followers to tell him about something that reminded them of warmth. He received almost 1,000 responses. Here is his poem. “Ce qui ... Lire la suite