Tej Mishra

Washington D.C. Department of Public Health

Tej is a Surveillance Data Manager at Washington D.C. Department of Health. He was born in Bhutan. Due to racial, linguistic, political, and cultural persecution of citizens by the government in early 90s, he, along with his parents and a community of over one hundred thousand people fled to Nepal. He stayed as refugee in Nepal until 2010. Tej graduated from the Masters in Public Health program at Boston University in 2014, with focus on International Health and Biostatistics. In the past, he’s worked as Surveillance Epidemiologist for State of Massachusetts, and for US Navy and Marine Public Health (under contract). He’s also worked in the field of Refugee Mental Health Research, and Design and Implementation of family based intervention programs within Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Framework in Refugee community. He’s a CBPR consultant to researchers at Boston College, Boston, and a co-investigator of Research program on elderly refugees at McGill University, Canada.