« The Arranger »

« The Arranger » is a film from the series New Immigrant and Refugee Visions.

“The Arranger” is one of 10 films made by and about immigrants and refugees. We are sharing them as part of Voices, our platform for refugees and immigrants to tell their own stories. We are posting a new film every month in 2020.

About the film “The Arranger »

The Haitian community in the Mattapan and Hyde Park neighborhoods of Boston is almost completely self dependent, a condition common to many immigrant communities. The support they give each other helps families adjust and thrive. It also inhibits assimilation into the larger culture. One Haitian immigrant helps other newly arrived Haitian immigrants deal with all the practical aspects of life in the US and in doing so highlights the self-supporting and isolated nature of many immigrant communities.

About Wilson Thelimo Louis

Wilson Thelimo Louis emigrated from Haiti in 2016 and lives in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Thelimo is a poet and activist immersed in Haitian literature, social issues and politics. He studied law in Haiti and had a paralegal fellowship in Boston. As he pursues further studies, Wilson Thelimo Louis continues to volunteer and use his skills in a variety of jobs.

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