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4 lub tswv yim los pab koj tswj lub sij hawm ntse ntsuav | USAHelloManaging time is not always easy. How do you manage time? Ntawm no yog 4 lub tswv yim los pab koj tswj lub sij hawm ntse ntsuav.

Many people are faced with this question and don’t know how to respond, valuing your time isn’t just giving more details into your essay, or homework, valuing your time is spending each hour of your day doing something useful.

How to value your time

Valuing your time is giving the extra effort into your daily, useful activities. Valuing your time is giving your best in everything you do. What are my values in life? You might ask. I aspire to be a professional basketball player and immigration lawyer, so I give my time to practice the game of basketball, practicing handles, shooting, defense, and much more. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, I also value family, my immigrant background, and friends.

Improve your relationships

All of these I spend my time on improving my relationships and knowledge of furthering my intelligence and valuing my time even more. For those who might struggle with managing their time or don’t know how to value their time, here are a few steps to help you value time in a way which is productive and can help you grow.

I advise you to first:

  1. Ua ib tug txhua txhua hnub npaj ntawm dab tsi koj yuav ua txhua yam thiab txhua txhua hnub
  2. Write down your goals for the day and go back to them at the end of the day and see which goals you accomplished.
  3. Listen to a motivational video at the beginning of your day(and take notes!). This will get you motivated and help you start your day.
  4. Lastly, repeat the process!

Continue doing this until your schedule is ingrained in your mind, how you will take over your day and start taking control of your life each and every day. How you will never have a day off, how you will always keep improving in your relationships, your goals, and aspirations.

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