Civic responsibility

Are you thinking about citizenship? There are many benefits that come with US citizenship. But there is also civic responsibility. Learn about the civic responsibility that all Americans have to their country.

Along with appreciating the benefits of US citizenship, all citizens should be aware of their civic responsibility.

The Oath of Allegiance

When you become a citizen, you will take an oath of allegiance (loyalty) to the United States of America. The oath says you are promising certain things in order to become a citizen:

  • to give up allegiance to foreign countries
  • to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States
  • to be loyal to the USA and follow its laws
  • to serve in the military or do important work for the USA if required by law

Voting is a civic responsibility

While voting is a right and one of the benefits of US citizenship, many people believe voting is an important responsibility too. kawm how to vote in the USA.

Jury duty

During a court trial, a group of ordinary Americans called the jury makes important decisions about whether or not the person who committed the crime is guilty.

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It is the duty of American citizens to pay taxes to cover the cost of government, protection, and services. All American citizens pay some sort of taxes. US citizens who live overseas have to file a tax return every year even if they are not paying taxes. Xav paub ntau ntxiv txog taxes in the USA.

Civic responsibility in your community

The USA is a democracy, and democracies need people to have a strong voice and to work together. Being a good citizen means being an active member of your community. This participation is especially important for refugees and immigrants because it allows them to form connections and find their place in the new country. You can join community groups or political parties. You can support a cause in your environment or neighborhood. You can run for public office.

Watch Americans talking about their rights and civic responsibility

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