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Are you new to the USA? Would you like free cell service? USAHello and Ultra Mobile can help you get free cell phone service for one month.

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If you are a refugee or immigrant who needs free cell service, peb yuav pab tau koj. A mobile network company called Ultra Mobile can send you a free SIM card for your phone. With this SIM card, you will get one month of free service for your phone. UltraMobile wants to help refugees and immigrants have a positive transition to their new life in the USA.

This free SIM card will include:

If you are interested, thov xa email rau peb. We will send you a link that you can use to order a card. You will need to share your name, chaw nyob, and email and a card will be shipped to your home. You will not need to share your credit card or any other personal information. Only one card per person is allowed.

How to get free cell service

To get service, you will need to put your SIM card in an unlocked GSM phone. You will need to activate it through your phone or the internet. You can activate the phone over the internet or by calling Ultra Mobile customer support. When you email us, we will send you instructions on how to set up your new card. Instructions will also be included with the card when you receive it.

USAHello is not affiliated with Ultra Mobile and does not receive any money from Ultra Mobile because of this offer.

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