Yuav ua li cas yuav noj qab nyob zoo thiab tiv thaiv kom txhob mob

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Muaj ntau ntau yam uas koj yuav tau ua kom nyob twj ywm noj qab nyob zoo. Nyeem tswv yim yuav ua li cas yuav tsum tau noj qab nyob zoo. Kawm tau li cas kom tsis txhob kis ntawm cov kab mob thiab kab mob. Nyeem txog qhov tseem ceeb ntawm pw tsaug zog thiab yuav ua li cas kom tsis txhob haus luam yeeb.

There are many things you can do to stay healthy. Read tips on how to be healthy. Learn how to prevent the spread of diseases and infections. Read about the importance of sleeping and how to stop smoking.

Yuav ua li cas yuav noj qab nyob zoo

How to be healthy

Ntxuav koj ob txhais tes

Wash your hands

Tes ntxuav yog lub tseem ceeb tshaj plaws koj yuav ua kom koj thiab koj tsev neeg noj qab nyob zoo. Qhov no yog vim tias ntau cov kab mob uas ua mob kis los ntawm kev tes chwv.

Hand-washing is the most important thing you can do keep you and your family healthy. This is because many germs that cause illnesses are spread by hand contact.

Xyuas kom tseeb tias koj ntxuav koj ob txhais tes tom qab koj txham los yog hnoos, ua ntej npaj khoom noj khoom haus, tom qab koj siv chav dej, tom qab koj kov ib tug neeg mob, tom qab koj lis khib nyiab los yog quav teeb meem, thiab tom qab koj kov ib tug tsiaj.

Make sure you wash your hands after you sneeze or cough, before preparing food, after you use the toilet, after you touch a sick person, after you handle garbage or fecal matter, and after you touch an animal.

Koj yuav kawm tau ntau ntxiv txog yuav ua li cas los ntxuav koj ob txhais tes kom.

You can learn more about how to wash your hands correctly.

Saib xyuas ntawm koj cov hniav

Take care of your teeth

Kev saib xyuas ntawm koj lub qhov ncauj thiab cov hniav yog ib qho tseem ceeb rau tsis txhob muaj mob muaj nkeeg. Cov kws kho mob pom zoo kom hais tias koj txhuam koj cov hniav ob zaug ib hnub twg thiab siv hlua dig hniav ib hnub ib zaug. Koj yuav tsum tau mus ntsib tus kws kho hniav hygienist nyob rau ntawm koj tus kws kho hniav lub chaw ua hauj lwm txhua rau lub hlis tau koj cov hniav ntxuav thiab ntsuam xyuas. Koj yuav nyeem tau hais txog yuav ua li cas saib xyuas ntawm koj lub qhov ncauj thiab cov hniav.

Taking care of your mouth and teeth is important for avoiding health problems. Doctors recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. You should also visit the dental hygienist at your dentist’s office every six months to have your teeth cleaned and checked. You can read about how to take care of your mouth and teeth.

Tiv thaiv kom txhob kis tau ntawm mob khaub thuas thiab mob aws

Prevent the spread of colds and flu

Tej yam mob, zoo li ib tug txias los yog kab mob khaub thuas, kis tau yooj yim ntawm cov neeg.

Certain illnesses, like a cold or flu, spread easily between people.

Muaj peb yam tseem ceeb koj yuav tau ua los tiv thaiv lwm tus neeg los ntawm txais koj txias los yog kab mob khaub thuas yog:

There are three important things you can do to protect other people from catching your cold or flu are:

1) Npog koj lub qhov ntswg thaum koj txham

1) Covering your nose when you sneeze

2) Yuav tsum vov koj lub qhov ncauj thaum koj hnoos
2) Covering your mouth when you cough
3) Ntxuav koj ob txhais tes txhua lub sij hawm koj txham thiab hnoos

3) Washing your hands every time you sneeze and cough

Lub Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yog ib tug tsoom fwv lub koom haum uas muab tswv yim txog yuav ua li cas noj qab nyob zoo. Cov CDC muaj ntaub ntawv txog yuav ua li cas tiv thaiv kom txhob kis tus kab mob nyob rau hauv tsev, ua hauj lwm, lub tsev kawm ntawv, thiab nyob rau hauv pej xeem.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a government agency which gives advice about how to stay healthy. The CDC has information about how to prevent the spread of disease at home, work, school, and in public.


Head lice

Ntshauv yog me me kab uas nyob rau hauv tib neeg taub hau. Lawv ciaj sia los ntawm kev noj rau ntshav los ntawm cov saum toj kawg nkaus ntawm koj lub taub hau, ua ib tug quaj tawv heev khaus thiab khaus lawm. Ntshauv yuav kis tau yooj yim heev los ntawm ib tug neeg mus rau lwm tus thiab yog ib tug heev qho teeb meem uas cov me nyuam yaus. (Ntshauv nquag kis qhov twg muaj ntau pawg ntawm cov me nyuam, piv txwv li ntawm lub tsev kawm ntawv.)

Head lice are tiny bugs that live on human heads. They survive by feeding on blood from the top of your head, causing an intensely itchy and irritated feeling. Lice can spread very easily from person to person and are a very common problem among children. (Lice frequently spread where there are groups of children, for example at a school.)

Yog hais tias koj los yog koj tus me nyuam muaj ntshauv, nws tsis yog ib tug kos npe rau ntawm cov neeg pluag huv. Txawm li cas los, koj yuav tsum tau qee yam kauj ruam nyob rau hauv thiaj li yuav ua kom paub meej qhov teeb meem mus deb. Xav paub ntau ntxiv txog taub hau muaj ntshauv.

If you or your child have lice, it is not a sign of poor cleanliness. However, you will have to take certain steps in order to make sure the problem goes away. Learn more about head lice.



Zoo ib yam li cov ntshauv, bedbugs yog me me kab uas tom tib neeg, ua itchiness thiab mob voos ntawm cov tawv nqaij ib ncig ntawm lub tom. Tsis zoo li ntshauv, bedbugs nyob feem ntau nyob rau hauv cov rooj tog thiab khaub ncaws.

Similar to lice, bedbugs are tiny bugs that bite humans, causing itchiness and severe irritation on the skin around the bite. Unlike lice, bedbugs live primarily in furniture and clothing.

Bedbugs yuav kis tau yooj yim heev ntawm cov neeg, li ntawd nws yog ib qho tseem ceeb yuav tsum paub txog yuav ua li cas tiv thaiv kom txhob rau lawv. Koj yuav kawm tau nyob rau hauv ntau yam lus txog cov cim qhia ntawm bedbugs thiab yuav ua li cas tswj tau qhov teeb meem. Cov ntaub ntawv yog nyob rau hauv ntau yam lus.

Bedbugs can spread very easily between people, so it’s important to be aware of how to prevent them. You can learn in many languages about the signs of bedbugs and how to control the problem. The information is in many languages.

Tsaug zog cwj pwm tsis zoo

Sleeping habits

Mus cuag ib tug zoo hmo pw tsaug zog yog ib qho tseem ceeb rau koj lub cev thiab kev puas hlwb kev noj qab nyob. Feem ntau cov neeg laus xav tau 7 rau 8 teev cov pw tsaug zog ib hmo.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your physical and mental health. Most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Tsim noj qab nyob zoo pw tsaug zog cwj pwm tsis zoo

Developing healthy sleeping habits

Ntawm no yog ib co tswv yim rau kev noj qab nyob pw tsaug zog:

Here are some tips for healthy sleeping:

  • Ib ce muaj zog txhua txhua hnub.
  • Mus pw tib lub sij hawm txhua txhua hmo.
  • Ua raws li ib lub txaj lub sij hawm ritual.
  • Tsis txhob kaj teeb thaum hmo ntuj lub sij hawm.
  • Tsis txhob hnyav khoom noj khoom haus nyob rau ntawm lub hmo ntuj lub sij hawm.
  • Nyeem ib phau ntawv.
  • Tua hluav taws xob zoo li koj lub xov tooj thiab lub computer ib teev los yog ob tug ua ntej yuav mus pw.
  • Koj paub dab tsi ua hauj lwm zoo tshaj plaws rau koj, li ntawd, raws li koj tus kheej kev taw qhia!
  • Exercise every day.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Follow a bed time ritual.
  • Avoid bright lights at night time.
  • Avoid heavy food at night time.
  • Read a book.
  • Turn off electronic devices like your phone and computer an hour or two before going to bed.
  • You know what works best for you, so follow your own guidance!

nyeem cov American Academy of pw tsaug zog tshuaj lub tswv yim txog kev noj qab nyob pw tsaug zog.

Read the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s advice about healthy sleeping.

Pw tsaug zog rau cov me nyuam

Sleep for kids

Nws yog tshwj xeeb yog ib qho tseem ceeb rau cov me nyuam kom tau ib tug zoo hmo pw tsaug zog. Cov me nyuam xav tau ntau cov pw tsaug zog dua neeg laus. Nws yog tshwj xeeb yog ib qho tseem ceeb rau lawv lub cev thiab kev puas hlwb txoj kev loj hlob. Koj thiab koj tus me nyuam yuav nyeem tau pw tsaug zog lub tswv yim los ntawm cov National pw tsaug zog Foundation. Thaum koj kom paub tseeb tias koj tus me nyuam tau txaus pw tsaug zog, koj npaj kom lawv ua zoo nyob rau hauv tsev kawm ntawv. Nyob rau tib lub sij hawm uas koj yuav pab tau lawv mus tsim lub neej-ntev noj qab nyob zoo cwj pwm tsis zoo.

It is particularly important for children to get a good night’s sleep. Children need more sleep than adults. It is particularly important for their physical and mental development. You and your children can read sleep tips from the National Sleep Foundation. When you make sure your kids get enough sleep, you are preparing them to do better in school. At the same time that you are helping them to develop life-long healthy habits.

Koj yuav tau ras txog qhov txawv nws yuav ua rau kom tau txaus pw tsaug zog! Tsis txhob hnov ​​qab mus kis tau lo lus nyob rau hauv koj lub zej zog txog cov kev pab cuam tsaug zog.

You will be surprised about the difference it makes to get enough sleep! Don’t forget to spread the word in your community about the benefits of sleeping.

Yuav ua li cas kom tsis txhob haus luam yeeb

How to stop smoking

Cov neeg pib haus luam yeeb rau txawv yog vim li cas. Muaj ntau lub teb chaws tsis muab cov lus qhia nyob rau hauv qhov teeb meem nyhuv ntawm kev haus luam yeeb thiab yog li ntawd haus luam yeeb yog ib qho kev xyaum. Txawm koj vim li cas yog kev pib haus luam yeeb, txiav yuav yuav lig rau koj noj qab haus huv. Haus luam yeeb ua rau mob cancer thiab lwm yam kab mob.

People start smoking for different reasons. Many countries don’t provide information on the harmful effect of smoking and therefore smoking is a common practice. Whatever your reason was for starting to smoke, quitting will be beneficial to your health. Smoking leads to cancer and other serious illnesses.

Haus luam yeeb harms ze li txhua txhua hloov khoom nruab nrog ntawm lub cev. Nws yog ua rau cov tiv thaiv tau txoj kev tuag. Haus luam yeeb nce koj txaus ntshai los tsim cov hauv qab no tej yam kev mob:

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. It is the leading cause of preventable death. Smoking increases your risks to develop the following conditions:

  • Hawb pob thiab Ua pa luamyeeb
  • Cancer
  • cov pos hniav muaj kab mob
  • Mob ntshav qab zib
  • Txaus ntshai thaum lub sij hawm cev xeeb tub
  • stroke
  • kab mob plawv
  • mob ntsws kab mob
  • Asthma and secondhand smoke
  • Cancer
  • Gum disease
  • Diabetes
  • Risks during pregnancy
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Lung diseases

Txiav kev haus luam yeeb yog ib qho nyuaj rau txhua leej txhua tus. Yog koj tau haus, qhov nyuaj yog! Qhov no yog vim hais tias haus luam yeeb yog hom. Koj tsis tau ua nws ib leeg. Qhia rau koj tus kws kho mob txog koj kev txaus siab nyob rau hauv txiav kom tau kev pab, xws li ib tug tshuaj los yog ib thaj uas yuav pab tau kom cov txheej txheem yooj yim. kawm kom paub txog haus luam yeeb thiab yuav ua li cas los txiav luam yeeb los ntawm cov CDC.

Quitting smoking is hard for everyone. The longer you have smoked, the harder it is! This is because smoking is addictive. You do not have to do it alone. Tell your doctor about your interest in quitting to get help, such as a pill or a patch that will help make the process easier. Learn about smoking and how to quit from the CDC.

Cov khoom siv rau kev pab nres haus luam yeeb muaj xws li:

Products to help stop smoking include:

  • nicotine gum
  • nicotine thaj ua rau thaj
  • Hauv cov luam yeeb
  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine patches
  • Electronic cigarettes

Ceeb toom: Yog hais tias koj muaj npe tau txais nyob rau hauv Medicaid ces txhua yam uas yuav pab kom koj tsis txhob haus luam yeeb yuav tsum tau them nyob rau hauv koj daim ntawv kho mob txoj kev npaj. Muaj ntau private npaj no tseem yuav cov pab.

Note: If you are enrolled in Medicaid then anything that helps you stop smoking will be covered under your insurance plan. Many private plans will also cover these aids.

Xav paub ntau ntxiv

Learn more

Nrhiav kev pab nyob ze ntawm koj

Siv FindHello mus nrhiav cov kev pab thiab cov kev pab nyob rau hauv koj lub zos.

Pib koj nrhiav
Puas nplooj ntawv no pab tau koj? Nyuj nyav ntsej muag Yog frown lub ntsej muag Tsis
Ua tsaug rau koj cov tswv yim!