USAHello launches Citizenship Guide in honor of Citizenship Day

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USAHello launches Citizenship Guide in honor of Citizenship Day
The guide provides essential translated information for new Americans seeking naturalization.

September 15, 2022, USA — As part of the Naturalize 2 Million by 2022 campaign, USAHello announces the launch of its new comprehensive online U.S. Citizenship Guide. This free virtual resource is available in Arabic, Chinese, Dari, French, Pashto, Spanish, and Vietnamese. It provides step-by-step information to guide people through the naturalization process.

Today there are 9 million lawful permanent residents eligible to naturalize, the vast majority of whom express a strong desire to gain citizenship. However, more than 60% report never having received basic information about naturalization. USAHello’s Citizenship Guide meets the need for practical and accessible materials.

Though the citizenship exam requires basic proficiency in English, the demand for multilingual preparation resources is high. 37.2% of people eligible to naturalize do not yet speak English well. Furthermore, nearly a third of the eligible population is 55 or older and potentially exempt from the English test.

USAHello’s citizenship content received over half a million page views in the last year. The new guide provides expanded translation to aid proficiency and confidence, along with more detailed information on a variety of areas, including eligibility for exemptions and fee waivers.

“USAHello’s Citizenship course did not only help me in practicing Citizenship test & interview, but also help me in learning English as well. I would like to say this approach was truly useful.”
– Thi Hong Van Nguyen, USAHello citizenship student

The data is clear. Citizenship provides concrete far-reaching economic and social benefits to both the individual and the wider community. Despite this, the naturalization rate amongst eligible immigrants in the U.S. is lower than our counterparts in the U.K., Canada, and Australia – and that number continues to decline.

USAHello is proud to partner in the growing nationwide effort to educate and empower eligible immigrants to pursue citizenship with the National Partnership for New Americans’ Naturalize 2 Million campaign.

“We are proud to join USAHello in encouraging those who are eligible to naturalize to connect to valuable resources like the new Citizenship Guide. As the 2022 elections near, we also call on newly naturalized citizens, who are now 10% of the electorate, to make their voices heard.”
– Nancy Flores, NPNA Deputy Director

USAHello is a non-profit organization providing services to over 1.9 million immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers annually, including:

Meet Marwah, USAHello’s Community Programs & Translations Manager, and recently naturalized citizen.

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