Dengê berhevoka çîrokên nivîskî ji aliyê penaber û koçberên ku li USA e.

Tu dikarî li ser zehmetiyên penaberên din û koçberan re rû bi xwendin. Read ji bo hîn bibin ku çawa ji bo jiyana di USA hebę.

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Tips for the 2020 Census from a Census worker

I was a Census worker for the 2010 Giştejimar. Ew 2020 Census is starting soon, and I have some tips for newcomers. The USA has a census every 10 salan. The census is a survey that will show the government where the US population is and how to distribute public funds. How the Census works ... Read more

hevpeyvînê de min ji hemwelatiyê

Sala borî, I decided to apply for citizenship. Months after applying, I was invited for a citizenship interview. After I sent in my application, the next step was my biometrics appointment. Li serdan, I gave my fingerprints and signature and had my photograph taken. Then I waited. It was 7 months before I received ... Read more

WeaveTales is re çîrokan li seranserê cîhanê

Weavetales is looking for the stories of refugees, koçberan, and other displaced people. Tell us your story, and have it heard by the world. As the name shows, the website WeaveTales brings together the threads of many tales, or stories, into one piece. WeaveTales collects and presents the stories of displaced people. We present the ... Read more

Gratitude from a new American

My name is Ekhlas Ahmed and I am a genocide survivor from the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sûdan. Leaving my homeland was one of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life. I left the place where I called home, the place that held all my dreams and secrets, but I didn’t ... Read more