6 Veiksmus, Norėdami rasti savo geriausią darbą kaip pabėgėlių ir imigrantų Amerikoje

6 Veiksmus, Norėdami rasti savo geriausią darbą kaip pabėgėlių/imigrantų AmerikojePadaryti labiausiai iš jūsų karjeros paieškos: Kaip rasti savo geriausią darbą Amerikoje?

Apskritai, finding a job in America as a refugee or immigrant is a difficult process. Newcomers come to the United States with various skills, and the experience of finding a job is different for all of us.

Kai kuriems žmonėms, it is an exhilarating experience. But for others, finding a job is difficult and painful. Vis dėlto, finding a job is crucial for us to succeed and build our new life in America. Šiame straipsnyje, I will be sharing some tips that could help you in your job or career search.

1. Take what’s available but never settle.

It may be difficult for you to get the perfect job in the beginning. Since it takes a lot of time and effort. So if the position you are seeking is out of reach, you should do what’s necessary for you and your family. In the beginning, find any job where you can make money. Meanwhile, continue to look for positions where you can develop new skills and gain different types of work experience. Don’t get comfortable and settle for less! You should always be looking for better opportunities.

2. Find your perfect job by seeking better opportunities.

When some of us find a job, we get stuck in our daily routine. We wake up at the same time, and we go to work with the same people on a regular basis. This becomes our comfort zone, and we settle for it. Unless we like our current position in life, we should always be seeking better opportunities. Even if you are tired after work. Take some time to look at job boards like indeed.com arba monster.com to see if there is any role you want to apply for. Taking English classes at your local library or community college can help you improve your communication skills, which will make your job search easier.

3. Upgrade your skill sets.

If you are fortunate enough to live in the United States today, you have access to many opportunities to learn and build your skill sets. Todėl, having an education is important. So if you haven’t received your high school diploma, į RCO's nemokama GED programa will help you get one. If you need more information on a specific training, you can find it at your local library or on the internet. You may choose to attend school, but if you are busy with a survival job that makes it difficult, online education is a great option for you. You can also get involved in your community by taking leadership roles or joining a leadership program.

Here are some websites I use for my personal and professional development. The courses have fees, but if you are really committed to your professional development and are able to afford them, investing in yourself now can help you get a better salary later.

Udemy.com is an online learning platform where you can learn and master new skills in IT, verslo, and administrative fields, amongst others.

Coursera is another online education platform where you can learn new skills from top university instructors. They also have courses where you can learn English and improve your communication skills. They offer certificates of completion that you can mention on your resume.

4. Networking will help you to find your perfect job.

There is a saying in the United States that says, “Your network will determine your net worth.I believe this to be true because the people we surround ourselves with affect us in profound ways. They affect our level of intelligence, sveikatos, and income. Todėl, if your current group of friends is not helping you achieve the goals you are seeking, you should try to meet new people who can.

Meeting new people might be intimidating at first. But it is hard to find the right job without having the right connections.

Use social media can play a huge role in finding your perfect job. Use Facebook, meetup.com, ir eventbrite.com to find cheap or free events in your area. Dress professionally before you go the event. If you feel shy, remember everybody is there for the same purpose. Start talking to people by introducing yourself to them. Be curious and ask questions about their career search, current job, mokyklos, or family.

Another way to stay connected with your professional contacts is by utilizing LinkedIn. Here are some USAHello Training Webinars on how to set up your profile and start looking for jobs on Linkedin:

Linkedin Webinar Part I. How to Set Up Your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin Webinar Part II. How to Start Looking for a Job Using Linkedin

5. Savanorių.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to grow and have new experiences that will help you lend your perfect job.

The act of giving your time to serve others will make you feel good. be to, your volunteer experiences may open new doors of opportunity. Your manager or another volunteer might help you with advice about your career search. Or they might be able to connect you to someone who can.

Look for organizations in your community that would benefit from your time or skills.

There is a lot of help needed in the refugee and immigrant communities. You can volunteer in resettlement centers, or in your native-community organizations. Volunteermatch.com is a website that will assist you in finding volunteer or internship opportunities in your city.

6. Time management: The more you grow, the more opportunities you will have.

At this point, it is important to assess your priorities so you are not overwhelmed. It’s best to prioritize your family obligation, darbo, and volunteer opportunity as you grow personally and professionally. Figure out how many jobs you are willing to apply for in one week, and get it done no matter what. Keep a list of jobs you have applied for to motivate yourself.

Follow these six steps to find your perfect job as a refugee/immigrant in America. It is not guaranteed that you will find your ideal job. Tačiau, if you keep improving your skills, networking, and working hard, it will eventually pay off.

Informacija padės jums rasti darbą ir sėkmingai daryti karjerą.

Informacija padės jums rasti darbą ir sėkmingai daryti karjerą.

Informacija padės jums rasti darbą ir sėkmingai daryti karjerą.

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Apie Moses Idris
Moses Idris is a refugee originally from Eritrea. He is a college student and wish to open his own business in the future and is now taking the role of becoming an inspirational speaker.