How you can take action and get involved


Our volunteers mostly work remotely. Volunteers play a huge role in building our content, helping translate our resources, and spreading the word about USAHello. Learn how to volunteer.


You can take action to make a difference in the life of a refugee by helping provide one of the most important things for successful integration: access to good information. Make a donation now.

Buy a welcome shirt

Wear a message of welcome when you are out in your community! Buy one of our shirts. The shirts send a message, directly to refugees and immigrants: “sveikas atvykęs. This is your home, too.The shirts are available in eight languages. Dabar pirkti marškinėlius – proceeds support our work.

Spread the word about USAHello

Take action to share our free website with organizations and individuals in your community who might not know about our website. You can request outreach materials to distribute in your local community to ensure refugees and immigrants know about Request materials now.

How you can take action to welcome refugees, immigrants and other newcomers

Learn how to welcome newcomers in the USA

Eight tips to help you welcome refugees. You can volunteer directly with refugees and immigrants in your community, or you can still advocate for and support refugees without direct service work.

Take our free course

Learn how to interact with refugees and immigrants in a culturally competent manner.

Pasaulinės pabėgėlių dienos

Read stories from everyday Americans about why refugees and immigrants make their lives better. Read our World Refugee Day stories now.

Skaityti mūsų įmonės blogas

Read about inspirational refugees and immigrants. Learn and share tips on how to have more successful integration experiences. Read our blog now.

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