Moemoeā nui: moe American | USAHello

Moemoeā nui: moe American | USAHello

Ko reira kahore ngaro e reira e maha ngā āhuatanga e hanga te 50 states of America distinct from each other in many ways.

Most refugees may not have much of a choice of where they end up resettled when arriving in America. While it is important to spend the first couple of years of their new life discovering their new home, the city, and state where they are resettled, it does not mean that they should spend the rest of their life there.

Every refugee has a distinct set of skills and interests, and there are usually better places in America than others where such skills can be well-employed. This is one of the reasons that refugees need to stay open to changing their place of residence especially after realizing that it may not be the best fit for them. The freedom of getting around in America, and the availability of all sorts of technology that makes looking for a job and connecting with others easier than ever, all help in this regard.

Dream big and never settle for less

It is part of being an American to pursue your dreams and passion by moving from a place to another looking for opportunities for career growth and development. Refugees can certainly start thinking of that after spending two or three years in their new home as they get more knowledgeable about life in America and ways of surviving in a new environment.

So instead of complaining about lack of jobs, bad weather and/or lack of opportunities for social interactions with others. Refugees and immigrants need to open their minds to the idea of moving to a city or state that can change their life for the better.

There are places in America that are better for work, others better for social life and others better for health, etc. It all depends on the refugee’s priorities of what is the best place for them to live in. Finding a suitable city to live in can be crucial in helping refugees become active residents of their new home, Amerika, as they use their potential through work, contribution and culture-sharing.

There are some refugees who are afraid of change due to the possible difficulties associated with starting their life in a new city or state in America. Heoi, a well-planned change of place, regardless of how stressful it can be at the beginning, might be better than remaining stagnant in a job you don’t like or living not fulfilling life in your current place, hei tauira.

Changing a place of residence might be necessary to get a degree from college, engage in career development, or discover your talents in a certain field.

In order to live their life like an American, enjoy the limitless opportunities out there and engage in a journey of self-discovery, refugees need to be open to experiencing different life environments in different places in America. I muri i te katoa, this is one of the great benefits of living in this a huge, diverse and developed country: The United States of America.

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