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Assigurazzjoni tas-saħħa

Fl-Istati Uniti, you have to pay money to go the doctor. Health insurance helps pay for your medical care when you go to the doctor. Aqra iktar

Mur għand it-tabib

To go to the doctor, you have to find a doctor and make an appointment. Aqra iktar

Doctors and specialists

There are many different types of doctors. Children and adults might see different doctors. Aqra iktar

Prescriptions and medicine

Fl-Istati Uniti, there are two different types of medicines. You can buy some medicines at the store. But sometimes, a doctor must give you your medicine. Aqra iktar

X'inhi is-saħħa mentali?

Mental health is the health of your mind. Your mental health affects how you think and feel. Aqra iktar

xokk kulturali

Kif inti taġġusta għal kultura ġdida, inti tista 'tmur permezz ta' perjodi differenti fejn tħoss modi differenti. One of these stages is known as “culture shock.” Aqra iktar

Assenjazzjoni mill-ġdid u tranżizzjoni tal-ġeneru

L-assenjazzjoni mill-ġdid tas-sessi hija kwalunkwe proċedura medika li tgħin lin-nies transġeneru jaqblu mas-sess fiżiku tagħhom mal-ġeneru tagħhom. If you want to change your gender, you may have to go to a specialist doctor who can help you. Aqra iktar


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