समय को उपहार मार्फत फिर्ता दिने वरिष्ठ साथीहरू

Senior companions benefit from the time spent with refugees

फारगो, North Dakota – Shirley Dykshoorn of Lutheran Social Services honors a senior companion.

Among its many programs for senior citizens, Lutheran Social Services runs a Senior Companions program in Fargo. We made a video to show its importance to elders living in North Dakota communities.

Our senior companions program is a great example of how effective it is to engage community members to interact with their neighbors and friends and reduce isolation and loneliness. Frequently seniors are more isolated when they are living with their grown children and either do not drive or have too much time alone.

It helps both the companions and the clients to remain physically active and engaged. Having a companion regularly stopping by to talk, reminisce, and share time is a wonderful way to make people more connected and less lonely.

Bhagi Ramar, himself a refugee, is the senior companion who is featured in the video.

Bhagi Ramar is such a wonderful man. He is outgoing and friendly, respectful and thoughtful of others, and every day he gives back through the gift of time.

Watch the video to see the impact Bhagi Ramar has on one elder’s life.

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बारेमा Shirley Dykshoorn
Shirley Dykshoorn is the vice president of Senior Services and Humanitarian Services at Lutheran Social Services in Fargo, नर्थ डकोटा. She also directs their Disaster Response Program.