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Rebuilding refugee resettlement in the USA

Last week, the President signed an executive order to restore and rebuild the U.S. refugee resettlement program.

“As a former refugee, I commend the actions taken to reinstate the U.S Refugee Resettlement Program. Bringing refugee admissions to its historic norms not only gives hope to millions of families, but it exemplifies the United States’ return to global leadership in humanitarian rights. I am grateful for this Administration being on the right side of history and opening its doors to the most vulnerable.”Nejra Sumic, USAHello Board Member, Refugee Congress delegate and National Coordinator for We Are All America

For decades, the USA was the leader in refugee protection with strong public support. Under the Trump administration, however, the program was almost completely closed. Thousands of refugees who were expecting to come to the USA, many to reunite with family members, were left overseas in dangerous situations. 


On February 4th, President Biden signed an order to rebuild the refugee resettlement program. The new administration is committing to increase refugee admissions to 125,000 next fiscal year; improving the quality, security and transparency of the program; increasing access to the most vulnerable populations; and conducting a review of the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program for Iraqis and Syrians.


The President will also consult with Congress to increase refugee admissions for the current year, however this will not immediately impact arrivals.


As an organization, USAHello commends the important steps being taken to restore humanitarian protection systems. In the months and years ahead, we look forward to playing our role in supporting newcomers and the organizations and volunteers around the country who welcome them.


Sarah Ivory

US President

Black History Month
Honoring Black History Month

In the USA, February is dedicated as Black History Month. It is a time when students around the country learn about the history and tremendous contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans. Policies and practices rooted in racism persist today and impact African Americans as well as immigrants of color. Did you know, for example, that black immigrants are far more likely to be detained and deported than other immigrants? Black Alliance for Just Immigration is an excellent resource to learn more.


Executive actions on immigration

On February 2nd, the Biden administration passed a series of executive actions to:

  • Re-established the Task Force on New Americans to promote policies and practices that strengthen the inclusion of immigrants into our society. 
  • Create a task force to Reunify Families that were separated at the border.
  • Develop a strategy to create a humane asylum system, including a review of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as the “remain in Mexico” policy.
  • Review the public charge rule and take action to make changes within 60 days. This action also overturns the Trump administration’s requirement that a family sponsor repay the government if their relative receives public benefits. 
Read more about these and other updates on our news and updates page.
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