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USAHello offers translated study guide for new U.S. citizenship test

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a goal shared by millions of immigrants each year, but the process to get there is long and often difficult. This month it just became a little harder as USCIS has issued a new updated version of the civics portion of the citizenship interview.

To help future American citizens prepare, USAHello worked with our partners at Translators without Borders to prepare updated study guides with dual translation in 9 languages — Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog and Vietnamese — with more coming soon. Share this valuable resource with individuals and organizations working on the pathway to citizenship!

“Free and accessible study aids, like USAHello’s translated tests and online classes, are vital in providing immigrants resources to succeed in achieving their citizenship. These online tools are especially critical right now as access to in-person resources is restricted across the country due to the pandemic,” said Douglas Interiano, CEO of Proyector Inmigrante ISC, a nonprofit legal service provider in Texas.  

About the new test

Individuals applying for US citizenship on or after Dec 1, 2020 will be required to take the new version of the civics test. Applicants will be asked 20 questions in English (out of a list of 128), and must answer at least 12 correctly. This is an increase from the previous version which asked ten questions out of a list of 100.

Online citizenship classroom

In addition to the translated study guides, USAHello is hard at work updating our free online citizenship class to cover the new material. Look for an announcement in early 2021!


DACA is Restored

On December 4, 2020, a federal judge restored the DACA program after efforts from the government to close the program down. This ruling goes into effect immediately and means that around 300,000 people who came to the US as children without documentation are now eligible to apply for the first time. It also restores the DACA work permit to two years instead of one and opens up the option for DACA recipients to apply for advance parole to travel. Learn more about the new changes and how to apply or renew your DACA on our website.

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We are excited to begin work on our new online learning center for refugees and immigrants. The new classroom will allow us to meet a growing demand, make important improvements for students, and for the first time, provide educators with the ability to enroll and track student progress directly. We are thankful to the Julia Burke Foundation for providing seed money to start this project and invite you to join us in investing in a brighter future today.
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