Amerikaans eten

If you are new to the USA, you may want to learn about American food. You have probably noticed that there are many choices! Find out about American food and food at your children’s school. Learn how to introduce Americans to foods from your home country. See ways to handle cultural differences about food.

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Aan te passen aan Amerikaans eten

You may be surprised to see how many choices there are for food in the USA. There are many brands of food in all kinds of packages. Fruits and vegetables can be bought even when they are not in season. You will notice that restaurants serve food from many different cultures. Fast food is popular in the United States. It is easy to get a cheap meal quickly, and even to buy it without getting out of your car.

Unhealthy American food

Many American foods, vooral fastfood, in the United States contain sugar or preservatives (ingredients put in food to make it last longer). Many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, welke zijn de chemicaliën die worden gebruikt op boerderijen die insecten weg te houden. Je lichaam kan niet worden gebruikt voor deze soorten voedsel zodat u bij de eerste ziek of mei voelen kan beginnen om gewicht te bereiken. Consuming unhealthful foods is a problem for many Americans, who get overweight and experience health issues. Hoewel u misschien wel opgewonden om te proberen nieuwe voedingsmiddelen, u kunt ervoor kiezen om dit te doen geleidelijk, om te laten uw lichaam aanpassen.

Restaurant food

If you are trying to eat healthfully and cheaply, you will want to avoid eating at restaurants often. Het eten geserveerd in restaurants meestal minder gezond en bevat veel meer calorieën, which are units that measure how much energy a food has. Ice cream, bijvoorbeeld, heeft veel calorieën. Fruits and vegetables have fewer calories.

American views of immigrant food

Some Americans may not have tried the food you eat in your native country. In grote steden, there are many ethnic restaurants and so people have more experience of foreign foods. In kleinere steden, with less cultural variety, mensen kunnen niet worden ervaren.

Introduce new dishes

De meeste Amerikanen zijn open om te proberen nieuwe soorten koken en zullen nieuwsgierig om te proberen van nieuwe gerechten. Many Americans participate in “potlucks,” which are social gatherings where everyone brings a dish to share. Potlucks happen at big gatherings or at casual dinners. Dit is wellicht een goede gelegenheid om anderen kennismaken met je eten, zowel op school en sociale situaties. You can also invite people over for dinner and serve dishes from your culture. Some people may not be open to trying new food, echter, and it is important to respect that.

Food at your children’s school

Students in American schools do not receive breakfast except in some preschools for young children. Children eat before they go to school, although in some schools children can buy a small breakfast at the school cafeteria.

Lunch and snacks

At lunchtime, kinderen kunnen hun voedsel te kopen of te eten brengen vanuit huis. Packing lunches for your children is the best way to make sure that your children have healthy food, omdat veel scholen ongezond voedsel en suikerhoudende dranken dienen. Children in the USA also bring “snacks” to school. Dit zijn kleine hoeveelheden voedsel dat ze tijdens pauzes tussen klassen eten. Voorbeelden zijn vruchten, noten, granola bars, of crackers.

Help with food costs

Als uw familie geen alot of money, Soms krijgt de school gratis (of goedkoper) maaltijden, inclusief ontbijt, voor uw kind. Every school is different, so it is best to talk to your child’s teacher or the school secretary you have any questions.

Other children

There is a possibility that children may make fun of your child for eating unfamiliar food. Jongere kinderen zijn soms bang voor nieuwe dingen en denk dat plagen, anderen de juiste manier om te gaan met hun gevoelens. U moet praten met uw kind over dit, ze zijn dus niet verrast of zeer boos als dit gebeurt. Your child may choose to explain what the food is made out of, as some ethnic dishes contain similar ingredients to those eaten in the USA. Als de kinderen niet geïnteresseerd zijn, your child may choose to walk away from the situation. They may want to choose a different group of companions.

If children continue to make fun of your child’s choices of food, u of uw kind moet met de leraar praten over de situatie. Another strategy would be to talk to the teacher about organizing an activity in which food can become a teaching opportunity about culture. You could make a larger amount of the food for the class, and it would be discussed and shared

Polite ways to decline American food

If you are invited to someone’s home for a meal and cannot eat a certain food because of your religion or culture, you should feel comfortable explaining that to your host and hostess. Het is dienstig om dit te doen voordat je naar het evenement. De meeste Amerikanen zijn erg respectvol zijn van anderen diëten en kan zelfs vragen u voor meer informatie over uw levensstijl. Als je genoeg hebt gegeten en niet dat niets meer te eten wilt, it is not impolite to say, “No thank you, I am full,” even if the host offers it many times.

Taboo or hard-to-find foods

Some foods that you are used to eating in your home country are either not available or are taboo. Taboo means inappropriate or forbidden within a culture. Some types of meat, such as horse meat and some organs of animals, are not sold or eaten. Many Americans think eating baby or fetal animals is wrong. Insects also are not part of the traditional diet, but you can occasionally find them at some ethnic markets.

In Amerika, dairy products are pasteurized (heated) to kill bacteria, and fresh milk and cheese that do not go through this process cannot be sold. Some fruits, such as mangosteen and askee, are not sold in the United States because they are considered unsafe.

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