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Vluchtelingen en immigranten onderwijzen

Information and resources for educators with refugees and immigrants in their classroom. Learn how to effectively engage and assist your newcomer students. Lees meer

Culturele achtergrond profielen

Door een cultureel ingelicht, you’ll be better equipped for teaching diverse students in your multicultural classroom. Lees meer

Welkom vluchtelingen

Learn ways to welcome refugees into your community and skills for working with refugees. Lees meer

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A teacher's perspective on how to succeed in schoolsEen teacher's perspectief op hoe te slagen in scholenDoing well in school means different things in each country. A teacher from Iraq shares her thoughts on how to succeed in schools.
Amerikaans onderwijs door vluchteling Student LensUSA school system through a refugee student lensUitdagingen vluchtelingen gezicht in het Amerikaanse onderwijssysteem. De meeste vluchtelingen verhuizing naar Amerika simpelweg omdat zij niet over eventuele toekomstige leven in het vluchtelingenkamp.
Immigrant ESL leraar Erika WarnerAn immigrant ESL teacher finds connections through her classroomAn immigrant ESL teacher, finds her purpose in teaching refugees and immigrants. Read about how she connects with her students