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USAHello is not receiving Voices submissions at the moment. Please check back in October 2018. Thank you!

Voices: Do you want to write for USAHello?

USAHello has a monthly topic that refugee and immigrant authors can write about. You can read stories we have published on our Voices blog.
We encourage refugee and immigrant authors to write their stories and to share with us their writings for publication. Overall, your article has to be at least 500 words.

What are the benefits of writing for Refuge Voices?

 Earn $40 per article or $50 if you include a photo we can publish on our website.

  • Share your experiences to help other refugees and immigrants adjust to American culture.
  • Have a presence online that can boost your resume or work that you have done.
  • Help others to understand who you are and where you come from.
  • Be a voice for those who are not able to speak and use your writing to change the perception people have about refugees and immigrants.

USAHello Voices

Share your story with our readers

Write about your experience of coming to the United States as a refugee or immigrant. Describe the challenges you faced. Share what you are proud about your culture, and how you have maintained your culture while also integrating into American culture. Share your story to help other newcomers succeed.

To submit your story

  • Stories must be at a one-full page in length (minimum of 500 words). Stories should be submitted in English or can be written in your first language. Stories submitted in first languages will be reviewed by an USAHello team member.
  • Stories are reviewed by our editorial team for quality. If stories do not meet our quality level, we will ask you to edit and resubmit your story.
  • Our editorial team may make slight edits to your story to include search engine optimization keywords. These keywords are used to connect your story to other content on USAHello website. They also help your story get more clicks on the internet.
  • USAHello has the right to not publish stories we do not believe are helpful for other refugees.
  • We may review your story and send you edits to improve the story and help you improve your writing.
  • You must have taken the photo you submit or you can submit a photo of yourself. You must have permission to use the photo if you include a photo you have taken.
  • On your story, include your full name and your mailing address so we can mail your check. We only mail checks one time per month. Therefore, you will normally receive your check the month after you write a story.
  • Please also tell us what name you want to be published on our website. Some authors use their full names and some choose to only use their first name for privacy

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