Health insurance

In the United States, you have to pay money to go the doctor. Health insurance helps pay for your medical care when you go to the doctor. Read more

Go to the doctor

To go to the doctor, you have to find a doctor and make an appointment. Read more

Doctors and specialists

There are many different types of doctors. Children and adults might see different doctors. Read more

Prescriptions and medicine

In the United States, there are two different types of medicines. You can buy some medicines at the store. But sometimes, a doctor must give you your medicine. Read more

What is mental health?

Mental health is the health of your mind. Your mental health affects how you think and feel. Read more

Culture shock

As you adjust to a new culture, you may go through different periods where you feel different ways. One of these stages is known as “culture shock.” Read more

Gender reassignment and transitioning

Gender reassignment is any medical procedure that helps transgender people match their physical sex to their gender. If you want to change your gender, you may have to go to a specialist doctor who can help you. Read more

From the Community

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