Translated driver’s manuals for newcomers in the USA

Do you want to learn to drive? Here are translated driver’s manuals for refugees and immigrants. Click on your language below to learn about US driving laws.

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Study translated driver’s manuals in your first language

Reading these translated driver’s manuals for the USA in your language will help you pass the driving test. In some states, you can take tests in your language. In other states, you must take the pass in English.

IMPORTANT: These driver’s manuals are not specific to your state and they may be outdated. They will help you study but should only be used to help as some of the laws might be different in your state. You will need the official driver’s manual for your state as well.


دليل السائق (Arabic)

Arabic Driver's Manual

Վարորդի ձեռնարկ (Armenian)

Armenian Driver's Manual

Manuel du conducteur
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