Adult education – how to go back to school

Are you thinking about going back to school? There are many benefits to continuing your education. Learn about your options for adult education.

Other names for adult education are continuing education, higher education, and lifelong learning. All of these terms are about the ways adults can learn. Learn more about different kinds of adult education.

Basic adult education – reading and writing

Even as an adult, you can learn to read and write. It is easier to learn with a class or a tutor (one-to-one teachers). There are many places adults can go for reading and writing lessons. Many community colleges and libraries have adult education centers that teach reading and writing.

Learning English

Many communities have English classes in the day or evening. You will find them at libraries, community centers, and at adult education centers in colleges. You can find a community college near you. If it is hard for you to get to a class, start learning English online. There are several free classes to help you learn.

High school diplomas for adults

In the USA, adults can get a GED® or HiSET diploma to replace a high school education. You will have to study for the tests, but it is much quicker than high school. There are day or evening classes at your local college or library. Or you can take our free online GED preparation class in many languages.

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бесплатные онлайн курсы GED®

Подготовьтесь к получению сертификата GED® или HiSET в режиме онлайн, чтобы поступить в университет или найти лучшую работу.

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Job training and job skills

When you look for a job, you may need basic job skills. You may need to learn how to use a computer. Or maybe you want to train for a specific job, such as a job in the food industry. You can find all kinds of job training at job centers, resettlement agencies, community colleges, and local organizations. Learn how to find job training programs and get skills for work.

Higher education

Higher education means education after high school. Higher education can happen in a college or university or online.

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