What is the USAHello online classroom and why is it free?

USAHello offers a free online classroom to help people succeed in the United States of America. Learn why we offer free classes for refugees and immigrants. Find out who we are and why it is our goal to help newcomers in the USA.

Why are the classes free?

Our classes are free so they can be open to everyone. You do not have to pay because USAHello is a non-profit. A non-profit is an organization that does not make money from the people it helps. People who care about refugees and immigrants give money so the USAHello online classroom can be a free service. USAHello is not connected to any government.

Why must I give you my information for the online classroom?

You do not have to give information about yourself, but you will need to use an email address to enroll. Your email address will be your account name. In your account, you can keep track of the lessons and quizzes you complete. We will send you emails about your progress. If you want us to stop sending you emails, you can tell us.

Will you give me a GED® diploma or citizenship?

Our classes prepare you to take the GED® test and the US citizenship test. Our classes do not give you a GED® diploma or US citizenship. You must go to an official testing center to get your GED® diploma. For citizenship, you must apply to the US government.


The Refugee Center Online is now USAHello. We changed our name to make sure newcomers from all backgrounds feel welcome on our website and in our classroom.

If any website tells you they will give you a GED® diploma or US citizenship, it is not true. It is a bad website. Do not give them money or personal information.

How to avoid fraud and bad websites

Here is some good information on other websites:

Курсы онлайн USAHello открыты для каждого

Курсы USAHello бесплатны и предназначены для беженцев и иммигрантов. Подготовьтесь для вашего теста GED® или для того, чтобы стать гражданином США.

Узнайте о наших бесплатных курсах

Testimonials  – what some of our students say about the USAHello online classroom

“I already had a high school diploma from my home country, but I couldn’t transfer my certificate from overseas. The test preparation through USAHello was great practice. I will get to college.” — Wes, newcomer from Pakistan

“It is incredibly hard to find materials to study in Swahili. By studying in both English and Swahili, I felt confident that I could pass the civics.” — Salome, refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“I am very happy to get access to resources like USAHello to help me study for my GED.” — Fathiah Ainte

“I want to thank you for your excellent work—because of life difficulties I could not graduate from high school but I am following your GED studies and I am very happy and enjoying every lesson.” — Prospective college student in New York

“I took the USAHello GED review to help me pass the GED exam in California. I passed my GED exam for all subjects on the first attempts. I was able to enroll in a Cardiac Monitor technician course. Now I can apply for college courses and apply for better jobs that offer good benefits.” — Nick Esquibel

“I am taking the GED® preparation classes so I can finish my education and get a better job.” — Sabitra, refugee from Bhutan 

Do you have questions or concerns about our classes or online classroom? Please email us!

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