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Asylum is when the United States government allows someone from another country to stay in the United States because it is unsafe for them to return to their country. Only certain people can qualify for asylum under international law. Preberite več

Pridržanje priseljencev

This information is to help asylum seekers who have arrived on the United States border. Preberite več

Kje lahko najdem brezplačne pravne vire? Kje lahko dobim brezplačno priseljevanje pomoč?

Free or low cost legal help for asylum seekers. Preberite več


Is your TPS or DED expiring? Learn about your options. Preberite več

Asylum seekers information – updated January 2020

Here is updated information for asylum seekers coming to the United States. Preberite več

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Tadej Rahmani, Nekdanji kapetan afganistanske Air Force azil v ZDA.Tadej Rahmani, former afghan air force captain granted asylum in USATadej Rahmani, former Afghan Air Force captain, was granted asylum in the USA. Niloofar Rahmani is Afghanistan’s first female airplane pilot.
America is a country of challenges and big dreamsAmerica is a country of challenges and big dreams. Coming to the United States of America was a great moment in my life. I was happy and very excited.