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Refugee rights

You have the right to be safe in the United States. Learn about the rights you have from the United States government and how to protect yourself with your legal rights. Preberite več

Bring your family to the United States (Združitev družine)

The US government has a program that allows refugees to ask for their husband/wife and children to come live with them in the US called family reunification. You must apply for this program within two years of living in the US as a refugee or two years of receiving asylum in the US. Preberite več

Immigrant rights

Even if you are not a citizen, you have legal rights in the United States to protect you and your family. Preberite več

Green card (permanent residency)

After living in the US for one year, you must apply to become a permanent resident or to get your green card. Your green card is proof that you are allowed to live and work in the US. Preberite več

Potna listina za begunca

Kot begunec, you can travel anywhere in the US. Vendar, if you need to travel outside of the US, you have to complete special travel papers and forms. Preberite več

Število beguncev, ki so dovoljena v ZDA

An announcement was made that the number of refugees allowed to come to the US in 2019 je 30,000. Here are three things you must know if you are a refugee that is already here Preberite več

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Združitev družine: Information on how you can apply for your family members to come to the U.S.Združitev družine: Information on how you can apply for your family members to come to the U.S.
A long walk to freedom: from Dadaab refugee camp to MinnesotaA long walk to freedom: From dadaab refugee camp to Minnesota. A refugee reflects his journey from Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp located in Kenya