Regina Spektor, një histori suksesi emigrant

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Regina Spektor is an internationally known musician. She is a former refugee, having fled Soviet Russia as a child in the 1980s.

Regina Spektor is an award-winning musician whose name has shown up light on Broadway and beyond. It was just last month that Regina Spektor played in Broadway’s Fontanne Theatre. Si femije, Broadway was a place Regina Spektor never thought she’d visit, let alone as a performer. Në fakt, she may not have imagined she’d be in America at all. Regina Spektor’s story began in Moscow, Rusi.

Regina was born in Moscow in 1980 into a very musical family.

Her father is a violinist and her mother teaches music. Her family influenced her musical tastes as well. They brought music from all over the West, though she was raised in a communist country. She also learned piano at an early age and it continues to be her instrument of choice.

While her childhood was happy, her Russian Jewish family was often not welcome in Russia. Në 1989, at just 9 vjeç, her family left Russia due to discrimination. 1989 was also the first time Soviet citizens were allowed to emigrate to non-communist countries. Mjerisht, when Regina Spektor and her family left, they had to leave behind the family piano, which she learned to play on.

She and her family arrived and eventually resettled in the Bronx, Qyteti i Nju Jorkut. They were resettled with the help of the organization HIAS. HIAS helps refugees and immigrants find a home in safe countries since the 1800s.

She slowly came to feel at home in the Bronx and become a standout in the music scene.

Gjate kesaj kohe, Regina Spektor played at the Sidewalk Cafe in East Village, Qyteti i Nju Jorkut, a venue for live music shows. The Sidewalk Cafe was also a meeting place for famous musicians, like Beck.

Regina Spektor produced several CDs of her performances herself. Later on, she produced more albums with the help of record labels before labels picked up the albums entirely. Her music and distinct voice have a far reach. Her music has even been used in famous films like The Chronicles of Narnia.

Although she’s come so far from where she was born, Regina Spektor stays true to her roots. Spektor speaks openly about her Jewish heritage, often on social media. She has also played shows in Jewish neighborhoods, stating that it felt like she was playing for family.

Her musical style is influenced by Jewish and Russian music, in addition to folk, punk, rock, and even hip hop.

Today she has nine official albums. Her albums reflect the different musical and cultural influences in her life. She plays shows all over the world. Her smile and voice light up stages worldwide and she’s not just accepted, but loved. This is a far cry from here her journey began. Në Amerikë, she found a home and acceptance.

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