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Are you a parent worrying about teen health? Are you a teenager with questions about your own health? Find information and answers to your questions.

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Adoleshentët janë të rinjtë ndërmjet moshave 13 dhe 19. The teenage years are an important period for growth and development. Si një adoleshent, you have to deal with physical issues, or puberty. You may also have emotional issues that affect your mental health.

What is puberty?

Ka ndryshime të rëndësishme fizike të cilat ndodhin si fëmijët hyjnë në pubertet. This is the time when boys and girls become sexually mature. gjatë pubertetit, Organet Teen s lirimin e kimikateve të quajtura hormone. Hormones cause mental and emotional changes as well.

Çfarë është shëndeti mendor?

Mental health means how healthy your mind is. Ti mundesh read more about mental health. depresion, drug addiction, relationship problems, and mental illness are all very common reasons that teenagers seek mental health help and services.

Teen health information

There are many websites offering information about puberty and mental health. Some are good and some are not so good! Here are three websites that we think have good information for teenagers:


Puberty 101 është një website me informacion në lidhje me atë që ndodh me trupin gjatë pubertetit. It has lots of good information divided into a boyssection and a girls’ seksion. If you find it hard or embarrassing to ask questions about your body or sexual matters, go to Puberty101!


This section of the Kidshealth website is dedicated to teen issues. It covers all kinds of things besides health. You can find a lot about family relationships and other emotional issues. There is good advice on many topics that are difficult to talk about. Under theMind section,” there is even a stress and coping center!


TeenInk is an online magazine. It is a collection of writings by teens for teens. This link will take you straight to their health articles. There is a lot of information about mental health issues. You can also explore topics from sexual health and teen pregnancy to nutrition and alcohol abuse.

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It is hard to be a parent of teens! If you are in the USA and you are a newcomer or from a different culture, you probably have extra challenges. So where you can find advice?

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