Voices is a collection of stories written by refugees and immigrants living in the USA.

Možete pročitati o izazovima druge izbeglice i imigranata. Čitanje da biste saznali kako su prilagodio zivotu u USA.

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A narrative of a permanent resident card

Every immigrant has a different path to getting a permanent resident card in the USA. Read about one newcomer’s experience and what it taught her. My path to getting a permanent resident card (also known as a green card) was a bit unclear. I was too young to know how somebody who immigrated to the ... Pročitajte više

Salary negotiation tips

Salary negotiation means asking your boss for more money or better benefits. Most people feel nervous when negotiating salary. That is normal but learning to negotiate can help you get over your fears. One newcomer shares the salary negotiation tips he learned through his experience. In my career, I interviewed for many jobs, but I ... Pročitajte više

Razlog za moj rad za neprofitni

Nonprofits are organizations that support social causes. This type of work can be rewarding because it allows you to help others. Our community program manager talks about her experience working for a nonprofit. My dream was always to be a professional recruiter and work with an international recruitment agency. Onda, I found myself working for ... Pročitajte više

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Izazovu pravljenja predavanje prenos na stranih univerziteta

When you are a college student in a new country, you may not know how to continue your education. You must learn how to make a class transfer to your new school. Read to learn one newcomer’s experience. I grew up in Bosnia during a very rough time. But still, my family hasn’t experienced any ... Pročitajte više