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Kako pokrenuti biznis

You may choose to invest in your own business rather than look for jobs. Learn about writing a business plan, hiring the right people, and registering Pročitajte više

Prodajem stvari na internetu

U Americi, a lot of shopping is done on the internet. With the right knowledge, you can make money by selling things you make or re-selling things you buy at a low price Pročitajte više

Kako pokrenuti neprofitni

Neprofitne organizacije su organizacije koje pomažu ljudima i uzroci. Pročitali kako biste pokrenuli neprofitni i tvoja zajednica za pomoć. Pročitajte više

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Chasing the American dreamChasing the American dreamChasing the American dream: A young refugee writes about the challenges his family faced and what it meant for him to get an education in the United States.
idaho farm storyFarma preduzetnici posao zajedno graditi – Svetski dan izbeglica 2018While working with Farhan in our farm business, I’ve learned about his passion for providing his community with healthy fresh produce | Svetski dan izbeglica
This refugee lacked money to open a physical bakery, instead he sells his Aleppo Sweets onlineAleppo Sweets sells delicious Syrian baklava onlineEconomics student at Davidson College helps refugee launch a bakery business. They lacked money to open a physical bakery. So they opened an online bakery.