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Do you need to learn English? You can learn English online with USAHello and Global English. You can take the courses for free.

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Global English classes teach English language that is used at work. Knowing how to understand, speak and write workplace English will help you at your job. You can learn English online at home, and the classes are free when you sign up through USAHello. You can take the classes anytime until the end of January 2020.

Many workplaces use slang and idioms. Idioms are phrases that do not mean the same thing as the actual words. Salaku conto, when someone says they arebreaking the icewith a new coworker, they are not really hitting ice. tibatan, they mean they are the person who is starting the conversation and are stopping the shyness or tension.

Knowing how to use workplace English will help you succeed at your job. Global English offers classes for every level. After you sign up, you will take a test to see which level is best for you. Then start your class to improve your English! The lessons include videos, tés, listening practice, and speaking practice. You will learn grammar and new words.

Class languages

You can take Global English classes in these languages:

  • Inggris
  • Spanyol (LAM)
  • Spanyol (Spain)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Perancis
  • Italian
  • German
  • Cina (modern)
  • Cina (tradisional)
  • Japanese

They will add more languages soon.

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Punten surélék urang to sign up for free classes. You can send us your name, or you can create a user name instead. If you create a user name that is already being used by someone else, we will ask you to choose another one.

Happy learning!

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