Watano furaha mawazo ya burudani ya bure na watoto wako

5 Mawazo rahisi ya burudani na watoto wako

Uwe na furaha, Kutumia hakuna! Mawazo rahisi ya kuburudisha watoto wako

Often refugee families feel that buying convenient food, kuruhusu watoto kununua michezo ya video au kupata zawadi, ni bora kwa ajili ya watoto. Si kupata mimi makosa, Mimi si dhidi ya kutoa au kupokea zawadi, but I am about using your limited resources wisely.

Use your limited resources wisely

I remember when a former client of mine came to me to ask for assistance in paying her utilities. When I asked her about the allowance she recently received, she said with pride that she used it to get her 13-year-old son a smartphone. Nilimuuliza, “Why did you do that?!?” She told me, “My son deserves a smartphone because everyone his age has one.I did not argue with her about whether or not her son deserved a smartphone. But I argued the fact that she cannot pay her bills because she prioritized the phone over paying her bills.

You do not have to spend so much money to have fun.

I understand that whether you are young or old, we all sometimes feel pressure to buy stuff, and more stuff, just because our peers bought them. We live in a consumer society, and things can be yours with a click of a button. Wakimbizi na wahamiaji, like myself, often come unprepared for such reality, and it takes time before we get a good grasp of the nuance of such ideology.

Learn ways to budget your finances

Binafsi, my family solely depends on my income. We do not have the extra money to spend on the wants/needs that we can live without. Si kupata mimi makosa; we are beyond blessed because we trust God with our finances and we purposefully budget. Yet we do still need to make financial decisions based on our deepest priorities, which include enjoying time together as a family and being financially responsible. Here are some tips you can use to entertain the family/kids without spending a lot of money:

5 Mawazo rahisi ya burudani na watoto wako

  1. If the weather permits, go to a local park. The kids can play on the playground, while parents socialize.
  2. Look up free events around your cityyou will be impressed with what you can find. Check out your area’s website for visitors where you commonly can find a calendar of events, such as free music or festivals that celebrate diversity.
  3. Go to museums and historic sites with free/low-cost admission. Mara nyingi, you can find special days where local entertainment establishments offer extreme price cuts.
  4. If your kids love animals, you might find farms (petting zoos) that you can visit in your area. My son loves playing with the goats at a nearby public petting zoo!
  5. Go to the public library in your area; public libraries often do a great job in providing free events for kids in a friendly environment from infants up to high school age.

Those are five simple fun entertainment ideas with your kids. Before you break the bank trying to keep up with your neighbors and their children. Think creatively about ways to instill in your kids an appreciation for what they have and show them that they can survive without spending hours playing video games.

These experiences can also be a great way for them to learn more about the American culture under your supervision. Enjoy spending time together without spending money!

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