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Is it difficult for you to get to a store? Do you have language difficulties when you shop? Дар ИМА, you can buy nearly everything you need online. Learn how to use the internet to shop online for food and other everyday items. Learn how to be safe while you shop online.

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How to shop online for the things you want

You can search on the internet with the name of the item you want to buy. But you might end up on an unsafe site. Ба ҷои ин, learn which are the safe websites and use them. You can usually trust most familiar names and famous websites. But you may want to use lesser-known websites because they have special food products. ҳамин тавр, before you pay anything to a new website, check to see if the website is safe.

You can find out if a shopping website is safe by searching online. Type the name of the website and then the word “reviews.” You can read about what other users think about that website.

How to pay when you shop online

  • Агар шумо як корти қарзӣ ё корти дебетӣ, он ба осонӣ ба харидани онлайн. Ин бехатар аст, ки ба истифодаи корти қарзӣ аз як корти дебетӣ. кортҳои қарзӣ дар ҳисоби бонкии худ ба пул вобаста нест,. Агар шумораи корт дуздида шудааст, дузд нест, метавонад ба суратҳисоби бонкии худ ба даст.
  • Агар шумо як корти қарзӣ нест,, шумо ба ҳар ҳол метавонед харидорӣ онлайн. Шумо метавонед корти пешпардохт истифода. You can buy a card that has numbers like a credit card. аст, ки маблағи маҷмӯи пул нест, дар корти. Шумо метавонед пул бештар илова кунед ё гирифтани корти нав, вақте пул қароргоҳи берун. Ин роҳи хеле бехатар барои харидани онлайн, зеро ба шумо лозим нест, ки бидиҳам ягон маълумоти шахсӣ молиявӣ, вақте ки шумо барои чи пардохт аст,. Шумо як ҳаққи пардохт, вақте ки шумо харидан ё гузошта пул. Compare fees on different to get the best deal. Find recommended prepaid cards from Consumer Reports.org.
  • Ту метавонӣ кушодани ҳисоби PayPal ва пардохт онлайн аз он ҷо. You need a bank account or credit card to buy online with a regular Paypal account. ё, шумо метавонед ба даст PayPal пешпардохт MasterCard бе суратҳисоби бонкӣ.

Receiving and returning goods

Хариди онлайн қулай аст, зеро ки ҳама чиз аст, ба хонаи шумо фиристод. Шумо бояд эҳтиёт, зеро шумо даст нест барои озмудани маҳсулот пеш аз шумо онро харидорӣ. Санҷед, ки пеш аз шумо харидани, ки шумо метавонед, агар ки шумо квитансия ва банду аслии нигоҳ ва ҷузъи истифода накардаанд, баргардад. ҳамчунин, check to see what the return policy is. Some websites offer free returns, while others will make you pay for shipping.

How to shop online safely

Your personal information is sometimes called data. You never need to give out important personal data, such as ID numbers, bank numbers, passwords, or your address on social media sites. To keep their users safe, social networks have privacy settings you can use to make your information (data) бехатар.

Look at the top of this page at the URL (the page address that starts https://). You will see a little padlock symbol next to the address. When you are on a shopping site, look to see that the site’s name has the padlock next to it. Make sure the URL site’s address starts with “https”, instead of just “http”, and has a padlock icon in the URL field. This indicates that the website is secure and uses encryption to scramble your data so it can’t be intercepted by others. ҳамчунин, be on the lookout for websites that have misspellings or bad grammar in their addresses. They could be copycats of legitimate websites.

It is safer to shop on your own computer. Shared computers, like in a library, might have a virus that you don’t know about. You also might be sitting next to other people who might see your personal information. If you need to shop on a shared computer, make sure that nobody is watching you while you buy something. Make sure to log out of your account before you walk away. Агар не,, somebody might be able to steal your information.

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