In partnership with ยูเอ็นเอชซี, หน่วยงานผู้ลี้ภัยสหประชาชาติ, USAHello created FindHello, a free app made for refugees and immigrants to find resources.

What is FindHello?

FindHello is a free app made for all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The app will help you find the programs and services you need to succeed in the United States. You can search for immigration help, food from your country, เรียนภาษาอังกฤษ, healthcare and more.

We believe immigrants and refugees make our country a better place. We hope FindHello can help you find the things you need. FindHello was built with support from UNHCR and from community organizations across the country.

  • Available in English, Spanish and Arabic with more languages coming soon
  • Search by category for legal services, ชั้นเรียน ESL, healthcare and more
  • Google maps integration allows you to search for resources and get directions
  • ค้นหา “FindHello” in the Google Play หรือ Apple App Stores or find the web version at



ใช้ FindHello เพื่อค้นหาการบริการและทรัพยากรในเมืองของคุณ.