adds U.S. citizenship videos to study materials.

Допис зроблено: 09/16/2021

In honor of the partnership with Welcoming Week and NPNA’s We’re Ready! campaign, USAHello expands its free offerings to support efforts to naturalize 2 million by 2022.

Sept 14, 2021, USA USAHello is pleased to now offer citizenship test question & answer videos as part of our free study materials. The videos are currently available in Spanish and Arabic with more languages being added this month. The videos offer the text of each question in both English and a translated language, with a voice of a native speaker reading each aloud.

This provides aspiring citizens the benefit of studying in their native language while also hearing it spoken in English, helping build confidence and opportunities for success! The videos complement existing citizenship resources including our free online citizenship class and popular downloadable PDFs of the test questions and answers in 15 languages already used by over 200k people this year.

Meet Marwah, USAHello’s Community Programs & Translations Manager, who provides a personal account of her own citizenship experience. She is currently working on expanding our Pashto/Dari content to support arriving Afghans as part of our partnership with the recently launched

“On this Citizenship Day, we’re collaborating with over 100 cities and counties and over 50 immigrant and refugee advocacy organizations to encourage the nearly 9 million eligible lawful permanent residents to take the step and naturalize, with a goal to #Naturalize2Millionby2022. USAHello’s study materials are a welcomed addition to our efforts.” – Magaly Arteaga, Program & Training Manager, National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA)

“USAHello’s citizenship resources have been extremely useful to our clients. The website has comprehensive information for our clients who need an overview of the citizenship process. And, the naturalization course is great in preparing them for the naturalization interview. USAHello is an excellent center of information that compliments the direct services we provide to our clients.” – Douglas Interiano, CEO, Proyecto Inmingrante ICS, Inc.

About USAHello
USAHello is a non-profit organization providing three categories of resources to support immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers:

Online Information Hub explores everything from US laws to getting a job with over 1.5 million annual visitors. Professionally translated in 6+ languages.

FindHello, a free app developed in partnership with the UNHCR that connects newcomers and providers to services in communities nationwide.

Online Classroom offers free citizenship and GED prep classes, with 43,969 students in 2020.

USAHello’s work is guided by the communities they serve. More than half of the board and staff are resettled refugees or first- and second-generation immigrants. USAHello’s programs were developed by and are continually guided by community input.


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